Masks are on everyone’s minds and as a result it has become an accidental trend. During this pandemic COVID-19 time, to save ourselves from the currently spreaded corona virus fac. masks have become the most important part of our clothing. A mask prevents the wearer from inhaling pathogens and dangerous aerosols (dust, smoke, etc) by providing a physical filter between wearer and the environment.

As per WHO, the masks used to save us from the corona virus has to have three layers. First layer attached to the mouth, which should be hydrophilic in nature, second layer sandwiched between the two layers which act as a filter and third one which is external and should be hydrophobic nature is that it doesn’t allow any pathogens to enter. The basic masks to help the public fight against this odd time of pandemic corona virus are Surgical masks, Fabric masks, N95 masks, respiratory valve masks.

But now it has been almost half of a year that we citizens are trying to cope with this virus. And now tired of lockdown period and the new routine of everybody’s life masks have taken a new aspect towards opulence, because of which people are buying masks to visage more

than as need for an hour. But it doesn’t change the fact that for the most part, we all now have to wear masks when we venture outside, and it’s not really surprising that the fashion has noticed the opportunity. Just like sunglasses and hats evolved from sun protection to fashion accessory, masks have born out of necessity and care for people around you.

Celebrities and influencers are joining the social media campaigns to fight this pandemic and encouraging people to wear masks to protect oneself and others through social medias by creating viral videos, reels, hashtags, etc. Designers and brands are producing modified masks to promote themselves and to embolden people to buy and wear masks. People now have started selecting masks on basis of mutates in colour, prints, material, silhouette, surface embellishments, etc. Masks are also now available in categories of Designer masks, couple masks, bridal masks, kids’ masks, calligraphic masks, etc.  Some of the trendy fashion masks are shown below.

There are numerous ways through which these masks are creating a boom in the fashion world and helping them to become one of the category fashion accessories. Sooner this accessory will become chastely a fashion statement rather than a purpose of protection after this era of pandemic corona virus.


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Ms.Dhara Padia 

Visiting Fashion Faculdade