Recently there are many textile innovations coming up and the industry is developing a lot by th’e introduction of smart textiles. There are different branches of technical textiles which incluse clothing, packageing, sports and leisure, transport, medical and hygiene, industrial invisible,  home, safety and protective, building and construction geo textiles and agro textiles.

Life shirt is a innovative textile developed. The electronics integrated into textiles can read conditions like heartbeat, bloodpressure, calories burnt, Laptime, steps taken and oxygen levels. It is also called body monitoring garments (BMG).It is said that it can save the life of a new born or of a sportsperson.

This has been a effective body monitoring vest which was introduced by brand life. Its main funtion is to analyse the body and works as a textile ambulance and helps in altering.

This is a life shirt which’ is developed by vivometrics which monitors the wearers vital signs.

It is a Recorder/Transmitter continously encrypts and transmitts the wearers physiologic data to a remopte command center. Data is also stored on the recorders compact flash memory card, which is small enough to fit in the wearers pocket. It is a innovative Biomedical E textiles. Vivometrics is a southern California brased health information and monitoring company. The information which are collected by the Lifeshirt will be uploaded to a computer via a datacard and sent over the internet to vivometrics, where it is analysed and sent to the physician.

Electronics, computer, chips, etc are being woven into the fabrics which acts in many different ways and helps humanbeings in different ways. As our technologies are developing much faster we can expect more things similar or much more innovative in the coming future. This area also have a great prospectus future.