With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing a high demand for respiratory masks, we at Karana, we typically make vastly different products are dropping everything and switching to one common cause: produce as many masks to help fight the pandemic as possible. By pivoting to make face masks, we are finding a way to keep our business going while also serving a great need. It’s a win-win for “non-essential” small businesses that face an uncertain future.

With the Karana face mask, you can expect super comfort and are reusable and washable. The masks are triple-layered made from the softest cotton and thin elastics that won’t leave your ear lobes sore after long use. Also they are for personal use only, and not a substitute for surgical-grade masks required by health care workers or those handling COVID patients. For every mask we sell, we donate 1 to an underprivileged child. 

Moreover, we are planning to make masks out of leftover fabric from the products we design to make them stylish. Maybe, we will get criticism because their purpose is medical and serious. But we think making even the most functional items in our lives beautiful has the power to brighten our spirits, make us smile, help us feel more like ourselves, and express our unique personalities.

These masks not only ensure the protection of people from coronavirus but also give a means of livelihood to our local helpers. We look forward to giving employment to less privileged people. Who are satisfied with their work and are local. In this pandemic we focus on providing them with the jobs so that they can earn their livelihood. We have encouraged them to fight against corona by keeping them busy in making masks. Earlier, they weren’t able to give a contribution to their family, but now they can support them financially. 




Now, coming to our primary motive, Karana was created from a simple idea – Turn fabric scraps into opportunity! We are a sustainability-forward brand and we know that a truly conscious company needs to consider both people and the planet before, during, and after production. Playing with the leftovers is a great way to spruce up old worn out or damaged materials into a brand spanking new piece. Every single piece is made from 100% scrap material. We intend to be something beyond a style brand – we care for your fashion needs and the environment at the same time. Some of our best-selling products are scrunchies, tops, sanitary napkin pouches, tunics. 





Being a sustainable fashion brand, we find ways to reduce textile waste. We explain to our audience how it is affecting our environment by putting stories on our social media handles. 



At present, we are dealing with numerous fabrics that are environmentally friendly and 100% vegan. Shop with us better by knowing about the fabrics we use. The most used ones are organic cotton and rayon which are natural and super comfy to wear. Moreover, they can withstand heat, detergents, and bleach. Then, we used denim that is long-lasting and wrinkle resistant.  We manipulated georgette too for making some of our tops and it is an all-climate fabric. You can wear it all year round, but it is specially worn in summers and spring.

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