Brand Name: Huntsman
Company Name:  Huntsman Textile Effects
Brand Tagline:Pioneering a sustainable textile industry
Segment:Provider of Dyes, Chemicals and Inks

Huntsman Textile Effects offers end-to-end solutions across the entire textile value chain from processing chemicals, dyes, inks and finishing chemicals to textile solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Huntsman Textile Effects has a strong heritage of innovation and continues to innovate while maintaining a focus on sustainability. We draw on our core pillars of Sustainability, Innovation, and Collaboration, working with all sections of the textile value chain in product development and processes to drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.

Huntsman Textile Effects has a strong brand proposition through our three core pillars: Sustainability, Innovation, and Collaboration. We invest over 5% of our annual revenue in innovation. These innovative products help reduce the industry’s environmental impact and help our customers meet their sustainability challenges.

We continue to drive innovation through our state-of-the-art manufacturing and Research and Technology facilities to drive cost-effective solutions that help maximize productivity and minimise environmental impacts.

We work with mills through our Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) which enhances operational excellence and differentiation for economic, technological and environmental sustainability. The program enables mills to optimise and standardize processes and work practices to gain maximum benefit from Huntsman technology and improve yield and product quality through sustainable practices. PIP helps reduce water and energy consumption, save time and increase production. It increases ‘Right First Time’ production output by 95% without additional capital investment.

Huntsman’s innovative range of dyes, chemicals, and inks consistently produce right-first-time results, helping to optimise and shorten the manufacturing process and enabling our customers to save costs, reduce waste and conserve water and energy. With more than 700 patents and continued investment in innovation, customers can rely on Huntsman for quality products that deliver sustainable performance.

Water scarcity is one of the biggest environmental challenges for the global textile industry, with issues such as quality of drinking water, reduction of groundwater, over-extraction and water pollution. In response to these challenges, we develop products that are innovative and sustainable, and which help our customers and the industry to solve environmental challenges. An example is Huntsman Textile Effects’ award-winning AVITERA® SE reactive dyes, which has a huge advantage in enhancing the sustainability of the textile industry. For dyeing 1 kg of cotton fabric, AVITERA® SE water consumption is 15~20 L, as compared to reactive dyes. AVITERA® SE can further save up to 50% water, 50% reduction in CO2 emissions, 20% reduction in the use of salt, and the process cycle can be shortened by 25%.

Huntsman Textile Effects will continue driving the industry towards sustainability and a step change in innovation, providing sustainable solutions to deliver growth, promoting products related to sustainability, to achieve water and energy savings for the textile industry.

We will continue to work together closely with our customers through a collaborative approach – working with brands to clearly articulate their requirements, ensuring their vendors commit to achieving them and supported by a chemical supplier like us. Together we can not only address the issues faced but also the equally critical aspects of water and energy use. Huntsman collaborates with brands and retailers to fully understand the broader implications and the ways in which the correct use of dyes, chemicals, and inks can achieve high performance and drive down water and energy usage.