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Published: September 2, 2020
Author: Rajkap

Stepping out in a pair of jeans might leave you hot and bothered in summertime, but fans of the fabric can have their cake and eat it with the myriad cuts and colours suited to warmer months

Denim is a year-round wardrobe essential but the hardworking fabric isn’t the easiest to style when it comes to the dog days of summer.

That doesn’t mean you should relegate your jeans to the back of your wardrobe though. Instead, give denim a fresher feel with lighter fabrics, brighter shades and cuts that will let your legs breathe.

Here are some handy tips to help you stay in your favourite denim pieces all summer long, without getting a sweat on.

Indigo and black jeans are a staple in most wardrobes but warmer weather calls for lighter shades.

White jeans might seem like an impractical choice, or a look that’s best left in the 1980s, but think of them as a neutral and they become far easier to style. Plus, unlike black they reflect heat, rather than absorb it.

If stark white isn’t your thing, opt for softer shades like ecru or more colourful alternatives like lilac or pistachio green.

Super-skinny jeans have been on their way out for a while and now that summer is here it’s time to retire them for good.

Designers on and off the runway have been inspired by the 1970s for several seasons and, as such, straight, relaxed and vintage-looking styles are dominating the high street. So why not let your skin breathe with a looser pair and balance your silhouette with a tucked-in top.

if wearing jeans really isn’t an option try something different like a romper, jumpsuit or a denim dress for sunny days.

We all know just how valuable a denim skirt can be too. Super-easy and breezy, pair yours with everything from mules to a tee and trainer combination for a go-to stylish summer outfit.

The only thing you need to trim is your trousers. Trying to wear the same pair of jeans in August that you wore throughout winter is a big mistake because the more material you slip into, the more heat it traps.

Instead, opt for a pair that have a lower fabric weight. Most denim is weighed in ounces, with the average being around the 15oz mark. So, for a pair that promise to be more comfortable in the summer look for styles that are 12oz and under.


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