Fashion is one’s style and illustrates its character in the society.  For instance, a man with pop coloured trousers and well pleated breasted coat will incite more curiosity in your heart than a man with a jeans and T-shirt.  The way you drape or dress states a lot of your personality. So it is always said to choose your clothes wisely.

  1. What are the trends that will decide the future of fashion e-commerce?

Any type of fashion based e-commerce knows the technique to manipulate the desires of the consumer. They employ firm techniques to take a dig much deeper into the customer’s mind to raise the urge or need of that product. Monthly or weekly sales, offers, discounts on unbelievable price tags are some of the main attractions that many e-commerce brands such as Flipkart, Myntra, India Rush, Snap deal do. An online seller doesn’t stop at offers or discounts but also provides outstanding collection. More the vibrant clothes are available at an affordable price; more the people will opt for them. Another story is about the millennial who are more vulnerable and tend to select and redesign their wardrobe in every few months. To steal the attention, brick and mortar retailers are moving into online platforms to target maximum contemporary loving people. In this case, they have also introduced AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technology where people can purchase products online easily. One can check at the comfort of their couch if the dress’s colour, style, pattern, length are suiting them or not through augmented reality.

Understanding the geographical locations of the people is also important; for instance, people from South or East India with an age group of 30-45 will majorly purchase sari.

Inclination Towards Celebrity Labels

Many Bollywood and Hollywood superstars have launched their own signature lines such as Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics, The Label Life, Skull, Rheson, All about You and much more. The fashion enthusiast loves to have someone wearing their favourite as a support or a kind of inspiration which they completely get from the sides of the stars. ‘Fast Fashion’ term has evolved to express the movement of recent designs from the catwalk platforms to the consumer’s wardrobe.

Even many e-commerce websites have approached this technique and have gathered a massive attention as well.

  1. How are Indian ethnic wears evolving with western essence nowadays?

The fashion industry is oozing with lots of western fashion and tastes and in this chaos, it has been really difficult to choose one’s ethnic best. There is a still chance for many brands to come up in ethnic or Indian traditional genre and one of the companies trying to project wide selection of women ethnic wears is India Rush. Not only e-commerce sites, but there are many brands who are posting their product on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and etc. for selling purpose. In a survey, it has been noticed that almost 85% of the generation purchase their apparels and fashion essentials from online stores because they provide it in a more cost efficient way with latest trending tag.

  1. Is Virtual Reality instilling into the fashion E-Commerce marketplace?

VR and AR are the major talks of the e-commerce inspired town. People are more into experiencing realistic things, whether it is about online shopping or a free trial of any beauty product. For such curious customers, augmented reality is a boon in online shopping. The shopper can see them in that particular product while being at the comfort of the couch at home. This helps the customer to make better decisions while purchasing online and on the other hand promotes sale growth because the technology strengthens the shopper’s mind to purchase the same.

The amalgamation of ‘fast fashion’, augmented and virtual reality while shopping, and other essential notions and technique have increased the demand for e-commerce shopping.