BTRA announces training programme with Certification
ETP, Water recycling & Sustainable Technology

A next step towards Sustainability for textile sector …..

BTRA is organizing a training programme with certification for Cleaner Production with correct treatments in ETPs designed for environmental officials of textile mills

The in-depth training will be based on general principles for waste water management and water recycling.

We are pleased to announce about our new activity on
With an objective to develop techno commercial skills & bring awareness in Top management as well as Environmental Engineers working in Textile industry.

Book your seat in Time – Starting from First Week of Aug 2018

The training is focused on

  • Effluent treatment & water recycling activity
  • Cleaner production in Textile production houses.
  • To Monitor & maintain ETP & water recycling system.
  • To bring awareness about impact of pollution on human health & Mother earth
  • To develop a system for continual improvements in discharge quality of effluent.

The course is supported by “National Environmental Engineering Research Institute” (NEERI) & “Maharashtra Pollution Control Board” (MPCB) by authenticating study material & evaluation test.

This certificate course will be of 12 working days in two segments of 6 days + 6 days & will cover basics of Green technology, Water recycling & Effluent treatment plant. The participant will be updated with daily operations, reporting system with standard formats & also cost factor to run ETP & Water recycling

Training will also focus on Chemical Management System (CMS) which is basic need of textile industry. The participants will be updated on (Best Available Technology (BAT) & Bare Minimum Technology (BMT).

The participant will be evaluated through test (written & viva) & successful candidates will be will be awarded a certificate.

BTRA has also planned to concentrate on sustainability issues in the textile supply chain such as Water & energy conservation, Carbon footprint and Waste management.

The BTRA team comprises textile professionals who pool in all expertise in their respective fields to give holistic & comprehensive solutions to all issues related to ecological impact of the textile operations.

At BTRA, we provide a basket of services such as Training, Process House Studies, and Root Cause Analysis, Consultancy to our clients to meet the challenges in eco-compliance.

Salient features of certificate course are as under.

  1. Objective of the Training

To develop a team skills & bring awareness in Top management & engineers working in effluent treatment & water recycling activity of Textile industry by

  • Training on Cleaner production.
  • To Monitor & maintain ETP & water recycling system.
  • To bring awareness about impact of pollution on human health & Mother earth & develop a system for continuous improvement.

2. scope of the Training

Bombay Textile Industries Association is a research institute in Textile field. In order towards sustainability & cleaner production activities, BTRA has taken an initiative to develop a training programme. Main focus of this training is on Effluent treatment with water recycling & cleaner production activities. The training programme is divided into two segments

  • Training for ETP operators/ Chemists.
  • Training for Sr. Management / Decision makers

This training will be based on sharing of knowledge with trainees & interaction with field experts. Duration of training will be 2 man days & will cover basics of effluent treatment & water recycling. The participant will be updated with daily actual operating, reporting system & also cost reduction techniques. Basic information’s legal requirements along with BAT & BMT will be discussed.

A. Basic course (Training for Engineers) : –

Content of the 72 – Hours certificate course (in two steps 6 days with test & 6 days with final test)

  • Basics of pollution & pollutants, General idea of treatment in ETP.
  • Details of each section of ETP, Quality norms as per regulatory authority. Check points in ETP & impact of pollutants on human being & nature.
  • Details of Removal process for pollutants. Know basic words – COD, BOD, DO, pH, MLSS, MLVSS, Calculation of Retention time. Know your Effluent & ETP. Assessment of your ETP. Various sections of ETP & retention time.
  • Visit to ETP/RO/MEE & Q & A by participants
  • Various tests, & procedure of testing (Practical) & Treatability study Problem solving, Recap of primary/secondary & Tertiary treatment in ETP. Water Balance in industry. Q & A by Participants, Reporting – MIS
  • Written Test 1
  • Water recycling requirements & various equipment’s used in WRP. Process flow for recycle process – Membrane technology. Effluent quality requirement for Membrane safety. What is membrane & Membrane fouling & how to safeguard Membrane life.
  • Multi Effect Evaporator & its sections, Quality of salt generated & Reuse
  • Costing in ETP & water recycling. Cost reduction techniques in Water recycling activity.
  • Chemical Management System (CMS) for cleaner production & compliance. Implementation of CMS in factory.
  • Sustainability, Best Available Technology (BAT) & Bare Minimum Technology (BMT) in Textile industry.
  • Evaluation Test (Written & Viva)

B. Advance Course (Training to Sr. Management & Decision makers) :-

The course will provide information’s on new developments on water recycling & cleaner production.

Contents of the 12 -hour (2 days) course:

  • Introduction of CMS – procedure to implement in plant.
  • Legal Issues, Introduction to process / ETP Flowcharts
  • Saving on Natural resources.
  • Basic First Aid & Fire Fighting Training & OHS – Occupational Health & safety.
  • Review using case-studies
  • Water recycling / costing / MIS
  • BAT & BMT

4. Evaluation Tests (Only for Basic course)
After in-depth training programme of 12 days, it is essential to conduct evaluation tests
Every participant will be evaluated twice during training period.
o Preliminary test – This test will be a written test to judge the basic learning by participant.
o Certification test- This test will be written & viva taken by industrial experts & will evaluate the completeness of techno-commercial aspects of candidate.
5. Certification
After completion of training programme, every candidate will receive a certificate of successful completion of training with score.

6. Charges of course & certification
The training programme will be a non-residential basis. Total 12 days training will include
o Skill development on subject matter.
o Lunch with Breakfast & tea.
o Industry visit (transportation included)
o Practical on laboratory testing
o Certification on successful completion of training.
Total charges will be INR – 20000/- per person
Discount on multiple participation:-
Three or more candidates per facility will get 15% discount.