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Durbagi Creates Innovative Designs For Personalised Towels And Bathrobes

Published: June 15, 2017

Company name:  Durbagi’s

Brand Name: Towel kingdom

Brand Tagline: Value For Money

Segment:  Home Textile

Brand USP: Bespoke Towels and Bathrobes 

Durbagi’s journey started with the famous outlet ‘Candies’ locate in Bandra on 14th February, 2014. Our core strength lies in innovative designs and craftsmanship -perhaps one of the finest in the industry. After a lot of R&D, we figured that there is a great demand for personalised towels and bath robes, which indeed is a growing segment in home textiles. Owing to the increasing demands, we started creating designs week after week, keeping in mind the festive season right from Ganesh Ustav to Easter which comes in April.

We have exhibited in nearly 250 exhibition and have a huge client based mainly housewives who tend to gift their family and friends. We have exhibited in the 1st Doggie Expo at Colaba, where we discovered that pet lovers are ready to spend lavishly on their pets rather on themselves. We have significant clients from UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and UK, who repeat their orders every 4 months.

We strive to be an ISO certified company and keeping the spirit of make in India, hence we use only the best mills towels.

Our vision for future is to participate in exhibitions in other cities and foreign countries and focus on exports. Our future plan is to take the brand outside India and promote it with Make In India label, with a vision to be competitive, innovative and creative.

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