Preferences Or Our Inability To Do Business?

‘As industry opens its horizons to worlds, so does the world’

What to do? Who is right? Why? Is a burning question of industry as whole for big and small enterprise? Some start doing any way what ever that comes first to their mind, and others look around and see what others are doing? Whether right or wrong? Under, what conditions? etc.

It is on ‘low price and regular quality’ Chinese formula to ‘average price and better quality’ race where fittest will survive. Even better if one comes out with “Least price and best quality value for money” prepositions or live to look for some thing else!

Consumer never buys what we or Chinese offer; he buys what is suitable to him as far as money is in his pocket or creditor’s pocket. Not everything that is the market will be sold out, 60-70% of US and Europeans branded garment remains unsold after an year for “Christmas Sales” for disposal as stock clearance sales or offer to third world countries dump under stock lot bargain sales of which majority “Knock out” or “Duplicate or secondhand of branded” products .


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Many thinking pattern governing the industry as a whole can be described as:

  1. Chinese imports is difficult to compete, if possible who?
  2. Government should protect local interest at the same time open world of opportunity to do business!
  3. Industry should make a combine effort to withstand stiff competition
  4. Industry institutional body should come to help industry grow
  5. Industry ill health should be subsidies
  6. It is what you give that what you get?
  7. Business is multi-dimensional and right balance is to open key to success?
  8. It is all lies in marketing and management skills
  9. Education supporting the intellect of industry for skill development?