Vietnam is enticing developers to create eco-industrial parks and shift from conventional to ecological ones as part of its attempt to attain net-zero emissions by 2050. Vietnam’s National Climate Change Strategy for 2050 was approved in 2022. The nation wants to reach peak carbon emissions in 2035 and net zero emissions by 2050. By 2030, it wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 43.5%. Experts claim that the creation of eco-IPs contributes significantly to the nation’s goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing symbiotic economic partnerships. Although eco-IP is a trend that cannot be avoided, there are still many obstacles in the way of its national adoption.

Industrial real estate developers must have a strong commitment to the model’s implementation as well as significant financial resources.With Aurora IP has been formed with a vision of sustainable development and a mission to assist an eco-industrial park for ongoing clean, green growth requirements from investors. In Nam Dinh province, in northern Vietnam, it is intended to be the green, clean, and sustainable textile industrial park.

The Cat Tuong Group, one of the top real estate developers in Vietnam, has created Aurora IP, a green IP that includes clean energy facilities, clean water production using green energy, and garbage collection and treatment that meets international standards. It is one of the few IPs in Vietnam that satisfies the legal and infrastructure standards necessary to support a fabric-dying business.With a capacity of 110,000 m3/day, it has one of the biggest wastewater treatment plants in the nation. separated into modules at night using cutting-edge synchronous technology. Prior to discharge, it must guarantee the wastewater treatment standard. The Day River’s surface will be used as the source for Aurora IP’s advanced water extraction and treatment technology. It always ensures that producers have access to enough water while reducing the amount of groundwater exploitation and its negative effects on the environment and geology. Aurora IP is dedicated to offering the best facilities for textile & dyeing manufacturing with such a well-designed system and a strong social infrastructure.

The IP also encourages and prioritises manufacturers to implement energy-saving techniques that make use of clean energy sources and ecologically friendly materials. Along with the benefits of its strategic location and model infrastructure, Aurora IP provides investors with all of its operations in Vietnam with attractive investment incentives and a long-term commitment. Many Large foreign investors appreciated the Cat Tuong Group’s efforts. It has previously developed high-tech textile and dyeing projects with the help of numerous investors from Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, totaling $300 million in investment resources. One of the businesses that partnered with Aurora IP to support the textile and apparel industry in Vietnam’s sustainable growth is Jehong Textile. The British Standards Institution has presented it with three ISO certificates for environmentally friendly products.”At Cat Tuong Group, we think that environmental protection and development must coexist. Consequently, preserving the natural world is our top priority. Since its founding, Aurora IP has made significant progress towards the construction of an eco-industrial park, which is consistent with our goal of becoming a sustainable real estate developer. said Cat Tuong Group Chairman and CEO Tran Quoc Viet.

“The foundation of all we do is sustainability. We are conscious of our obligation to offer investors a prime location for manufacturing and support the steady growth of Vietnam’s textile and apparel sector in the industrialization and modernization process, the official continued.