Exclusive Interview with Mr. Gu Ping, Vice President of CTMA & Ms. He Lei, CCPIT TEX representative.


China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA), established on May 19, 1990, is a corporate body approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC (People’s Republic of China) It is comprised of Chinese textile machinery and accessories manufacturers and institutions, with 662 entrepreneurs. CTMA has won the AAAA grade in the National industrial associations’ assessment for its clear regulations and normalized operations.


The output of Chinese textile machinery occupies the largest share in the world, with its complete categories and range of products. Chinese textile machinery industry plays an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry in China.


  1. How did your association with K&D ITMACH begin?


Our discussion with ITMACH team started before 2 years. After visiting India last year, we had decided to proceed with K&D ITMACH in the year 2016 & developed a good relationship.  In 2008, CTMA & CCIPTEX had conducted exhibition in Coimbatore at a small level. The ITMACH Exhibition this time was planned at a bigger scale; more than 100 manufacturers joined and occupied nearly 3000 sqm exhibition area. The exhibitors are all Chinese top manufacturers which are well-known in the categories, quality and market share. For example: CHINA TEXTILE MACHINERY (GROUP) CO., LTD.; PACIFIC MECHATRONIC GROUP(SHANGHAI) TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.; CHTC FONG’S INDUSTRIES COMPANY LIMITED, etc. They are all interested with an objective of larger business prospects in India, especially in Gujarat where the probabilities of investment from investors and garnering support of State Government are higher.


  1. What was the response of the members about participating in this exhibition?


The exhibitors who participated this time were mainly from spinning, weaving, knitting, processing segments. Some of the exhibitors are happy while some are not. The companies who have already has agent in India have gained more, while the companies who display in India for the first time have got less attention. The quantity of visitors is not very satisfied. The visitors that had come were mostly from Surat, Rajkot and local textile areas. This exhibition can be perceived more as a regional exhibition rather than a National Exhibition as there was a scarcity of visitors from other clusters & territories across the country. Also they could not see the result of seminars during the exhibition as envisaged.


Nevertheless this is the first time association for this exhibition. Next time, we can anticipate organizing better exhibition with expected outcome & targeted visitors for business possibilities.


Some satisfactory industry visits, government policies & support extended by Bhavesh Thakar co organiser M/s Spinners Association (Gujarat) is a point of appreciation there.




  1. Who are the main competitors for Chinese Textile Machinery Industry?


China competes mainly with Europe, India, Taiwan & Japan textile machinery manufacturers. Chinese textile machinery is in complete categories and whole set. Chinese enterprises could supply equipment and whole set solution with European standard to India customers. We understand that majority of Indian companies are using European Machinery over Chinese machinery. However, we insist prospective Indian customers to believe that Chinese machinery is price competitive. At the right price; you can get the same technology of Chinese products and high-quality follow-up services and enhance the competitiveness of India textile enterprises in terms of quality, cost and profitability.



The other countries that we are partnering with are Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey etc.

There is a very important textile machinery exhibition – Chinese International Textile Machinery Exhibition -ITMA Asia +CITME we held biennial in China. The influence of the exhibition in Asia and the world is big. It has been held since 2008 with European textile machinery manufacturers association, has been successfully held five sessions, next year the sixth session will be held in Shanghai October 2018. Complete sets of equipment will be focused on the continuous and automatic, digital and intelligent whole set solution etc. for the buyers’ choice. India visitors are warmly welcomed to join us.


  1. How does the association dealt with the cases of disputes?

The cost of the exhibition is carried out in accordance with the terms and agreements of the two sides under the Chinese contractual terms and agreements. There should be no problems in this respect. Some on-site temporary needs and the services provided by the organizers are not fully met, which may require mediation at the scene, but also help exhibitors to solve the default and related disputes and problems in accordance with the two way contract.