In this situation, we all need some tips to save our business from this Coronavirus pandemic.

Believe it or not, coronavirus has collapsed many of our lives. The enterprises are no exceptions. Based on a recent survey, it has been known that around 60% of businesses that were closed are not restoring their ventures. “Parts have definitely been frustrating,” says Bobbi Brown, the founder, and CEO of Beauty Evolution.

But the beauty icon isn’t new to embracing a change. She won’t be leaving with broken pieces.

  • Aim at Positivity

Brown says that she has been focusing on the positive. She is using the power of Zoom calls, and Instagram lives as the virtual opportunity to spend some time with people she would’ve never met. Don’t fall apart while facing a crisis. Always look for an optimistic side in it and rule over. Keep your mind open and focus on thinking new ideas.


Brown, the self-made millionaire, stepped away from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in late 2016. After that, she started Beauty Evolution, LLC, and Evolution 18 that concentrates on products crafted for skin, nails, and hair-related problems. She is an embodiment of survival.


  • Reboot your system

Brown genuinely believes that evolution is the crucial point for a business to survive. Sometimes, you have to reboot your system and think out of the box to get a brainstorming idea.


“Can you shift your business online? Can you use social media? What can you do from the comfort of your home? Stay resilient by challenging yourself to innovate,” says the serial entrepreneur.


Many hidden entrepreneurs are making their videos on beauty care, lifestyle, clothing, cooking, and home management to help others and themselves. It’s all about the way you think out an idea while considering the audiences’ situation.


  • Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Women are always in this hostile situation even before this lockdown. For instance, all-women founding teams raised only 2.2% of capital funding in 2017, compared to men who raised 60%. During this lockdown, 63% of working mothers responded that they are responsible for childcare, in contrast to working fathers that are only 43%.


Remember that women are the ultimate multitaskers and we are capable of anything – don’t let anyone make you feel less than that,” says Brown.


Brown heartened women to never quit on something. You may get a hidden diamond mountain that is only one step ahead of you.


  • System of connections

The entrepreneurs’ primary motto is to build up their connections. You’ve to bolster your networks even in this covid-19 to thrive in this jungle.

“Those relationships will give you support, camaraderie, and help you feel like part of a community,” said Brown. “There’s nothing like getting advice from people who have experienced what you’re going through.”


In conclusion, Brown’s advice is to reach out to people using the internet – exclusively Instagram and LinkedIn. Moreover, Brown also has taken up some interns during this pandemic.

“You never know who will answer you,” Brown said.