TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers featured in bespoke looks Vivienne Westwood and Huntsman, worn by Hollywood power couple Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron

TENCELTM, the Lenzing’s signature textile line, once again teamed together with RCGD Global to highlight eco-couture on the red carpet at the ‘AVATAR: The Way of Water’ premiere. Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron represented RCGD Global on the red carpet in sustainable bespoke ensembles made from TENCELTM branded fibres and TENCELTM LUXE filament yarn, adhering to the company’s recently released sustainable style guide. 

“TENCELTM and RCGD Global have a long-standing collaboration to promote eco-couture at the Oscars. We are pleased to expand the partnership to other red carpets and further encourage the use of sustainable materials in high-end clothing and other industries. Red carpet occasions not only draw in a larger audience, but they also serve as excellent forums for showcasing sustainable fashion. Together, we can move the fashion and textile sector toward a more sustainable and circular future by setting an exemplary example,” asserted Harold Weghorst, Global Vice President of Marketing and Branding at Lenzing AG. 

“We are once again delighted to collaborate with TENCEL™ on another momentous occasion for RCGD Global. Avatar II is a film close to our hearts and one with such an important sustainable message. For our first ever red-carpet moment beyond the Oscars, we wanted to shine a light on fabric innovations and showcase eco-conscious fashion in a way the mirrored the films core theme,” said Samata Pattinson, CEO at RCGD Global.

Suzy Amis Cameron looked stunning in a custom-made Vivienne Westwood gown that was constructed from a plush navy fabric with TENCELTM-branded lyocell fibres. The dress features a bodice that is draped and a sophisticated train that gracefully falls from the shoulder to the floor. 

At the event, James Cameron wore a beautiful timeless Huntsman black tuxedo, made from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres.

To promote occasion wear utilising materials made of cellulose-based botanical materials or recycled materials and advance the circular economy in fashion, RCGD Global and TENCELTM continue their relationship. Each garment that bears the RCGD Global eco-conscious label must be constructed from eco-friendly materials, such as organic, recycled, or reused fibres.

TENCELTM Lyocell fibres are entirely biodegradable and compostable since they are made from naturally occurring wood that has been sourced sustainably. Additionally, the fibres are made using a highly effective closed-loop technique that minimises their negative environmental effects while maximising resource efficiency. In addition to having a good sustainability profile, TENCELTM Lyocell fibres are well renowned for being breathable, soft, and smooth to the touch, giving the wearer all-day comfort. The fibres also impart an opulent shine and exceptional drapeability to the finished fabric.