Jeanologia has repurposed its ozone based G2 technology, which it uses for the sustainable treatment of jeans into an innovative method for sanitisation and disinfecting face protection masks. Jeanologia is a leader in sustainable and efficient finishing technologies for textile, coding, packaging, and other industrial applications, headquartered in Spain.

Making its technology the last link in the production chain for certain sanitary equipment, before being delivered to the hospitals. Considered an essential business by the Spanish government during the COVID-19 crisis, the company is making a great effort, working together with other technology centres and universities in coordination with the government, and acting altruistically, Jeanologia said in a press release.

“For more than 15 years we have been applying it in the textile industry to make the industry more sustainable. That’s why with the current situation, where sanitization is primary in combatting the virus, we have challenged ourselves to transform our G2 technology within the timeframe of only one week,” Enrique Silla, Jeanologia’s founder said.

“For the sanitisation process, we take the face protection masks to be disinfected and put them into a hermetically sealed chamber, Sanitizing box, subjecting them to a determined quantity of ozone. Through advanced oxidation, bacteria is eliminated and the material is disinfected. Ozone is the strongest antimicrobial disinfectant and strongest oxidant in nature. Once it has been used, it is treated and returned clean to the atmosphere having been converted into oxygen,” Silla said.

The G2 technology transformed into the Sanitizing box, becomes the key link for sanitisation and is capable of disinfecting 15,000 masks a day. The disinfection protocol is certified by the Valencian government’s health authorities and complies with international health and safety specifications.