Dr. Ulhas NImkar is the second Indian president of Society of Dyers and Colourists Organization (SDC) in its 135 years of history. He is chairman of NimkarTek Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. Which provides analytical testing services to different stakeholders in the Textile & Apparel supply chain and is supporting the brands in their ambitious goal of Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC).

The Sophia Polytechnic College and Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) organization hosted an interactive study session for the fashion and design students of the college in the month of December 2022. The session was conducted by Dr. Ulhas Nimkar, the President of SDC, on the topic of sustainability dynamics and fashion.

The session began with Dr. Nimkar introducing the concept of sustainability in the fashion industry and its importance in the current scenario. He emphasized the need for fashion designers to be conscious of their impact on the environment and the importance of using sustainable materials and practices in the design process.

The students were then given a presentation on the various sustainability practices that can be implemented in the fashion industry, including the use of recycled materials, water-saving techniques, and energy-efficient production methods. The students were also given examples of successful fashion brands that have adopted sustainable practices and the impact it has had on their business.

He also covered the history of synthetic dyes and the impact they have had on the fashion industry and the environment. He explained the process of synthetic dye production and how it has evolved over the years, including the development of new, more environmentally-friendly methods.

Dr. Nimkar then went on to discuss the new innovations in sustainable dyeing, including CO2 dyeing by DyeCoo, dyes from nature by Colorifix, and the recycling of dyes by DyeRecycle. He explained the benefits of these new methods, including reduced water and energy usage, as well as the potential to reduce pollution and waste.

After the presentation, the students were given a chance to ask questions and engage in discussions with Dr. Nimkar on the topic. The session ended with Dr. Nimkar encouraging the students to incorporate sustainability in their future design projects and to be mindful of the impact their work has on the environment.

Overall, the interactive study session was a success, with the students gaining valuable insights on the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry and learning about various practices that can be implemented to minimize their environmental impact.