PicConnect is a web-based application that can be accessed through a web browser on any device and it functions as the gateway to all Picanol’s digital services. The platform is cloud-based and it allows connecting the Picanol weaving machines to the platform in order to leverage its full extent of possibilities.

Welcome to the era of intuitive weaving

PicConnect enables weavers to quickly react to changes in the weaving room, and it will have an immediate impact on the performance of the weaving machines. It will not only change how weavers interact with their machines but also the way they interact with Picanol. For this reason, Picanol can boldly state that PicConnect is bringing weavers into the era of intuitive weaving.

Production monitoring

In the Production monitoring application, it is possible to track the production of the weaving machines. Real-time monitoring of the machine status enables the weaver to react quickly with regard to operational tasks and increase overall efficiency. The historical data, graphs, and tables provide the hard data to pinpoint exactly where action is needed.

Energy monitoring

The Energy monitoring application keeps an eye on the power consumption of the machines. In the case of airjet machines, also air consumption is monitored. It gives a better insight into the total energy flow in the weaving room, helping to reduce the overall energy costs and to adhere to the Picanol principle of “Sustainability Inside”.

Style administration

The Style administration application allows the user to swiftly open, edit, and manage Picanol machine settings through a central repository. A unique feature of PicConnect is that a weaver can now easily compare and copy settings between different machines, ensuring the machines are all using the optimal settings.

Webshop PartsLine

The new webshop for original Picanol spare parts, PartsLine, is a cornerstone of PicConnect. PartsLine offers a seamless online shopping experience, covering everything from quotations to reviewing orders and invoices.

Action center

Using the Action center, you can design, execute, and monitor a maintenance plan. In PicConnect, you can find a complete overview of all upcoming jobs. Furthermore, the logbook offers an overview of everything that has happened on the machine in the past.