NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NanoTextile) has recently launched second consecutive program in  2022; a textile and fashion sustainability programme – nanotextile360°, inspired by the  ambitious vision of circularity in textile industry. nanotextile360° comprises of four (4) pillars  for partnering stakeholders to quickly adopt, instil their respective development programmes,

commercialise and exhibit products with sustainability in mind. When we talk about  sustainability, we encourage partnering partners to explore all avenues created within the  program that is risk-free for the industry to tackle their common pain points and possible  solutions. The pain points are often the expectations from the end customers that associates  with their increase in purchasing power.

“We acknowledge there’s been an increasing amount of buzz around the terms ‘sustainable’,  ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘natural’, in everything from food to fashion. nanotextile360° is designed at  a time when we’re all becoming more conscious of what we buy. By not encouraging green washing in particular, instead we encourage business partners to innovate to absorb the rising  interest in sustainability amongst young consumers. I think it has become our passion to  spread this awareness and it has coupled with our evolving responsibilities in retail industry. Ours and consumers’ too.” Dr. Thomas Ong, CEO of NanoTextile said. 

The programme adopts the “sand castle” design and build philosophy; aligning well with each  and every four pillars of nanotextile360°.  

  1. Building the foundation: Knowledge and Design – Embracing technology and current  advancement into fundamentals of design. nanotextile360° aims to work in  collaboration with designers and fashion institutes with common ambition to merge. 
  2. Groom and grow: Development – Finding the next breakthrough of new solutions.  nanotextile360° aims to jointly research and develop new materials as alternatives to  consumables and fibres in textile manufacturing. 
  3. Showcase: Gallery and Exhibition – Building a culture based on what we understand  about textiles. nanotextile360° aims to have a sustainable approach on everything we  do – from yarn to fabric production to apparels. 
  4. To the market: Commercial – Adding value of technology for boosted commercial  impact in your businesses. nanotextile360° aims to enhance new product range  creation through enhanced technology adoption.


Just recently, NanoTextile has kickstarted the nanotextile360° initiative with Taylor’s  University, the leading private university in Malaysia and South East Asia. They are the first  strategic partner named for this programme to uplift industry collaboration towards sustainable  fashion in fashion design technology degree offered by Taylor’s Design School. It is a common  goal to ultimately infuse the academic module with technological and sustainability elements  with potentials to commercialize and exhibit technological knowledge in the ever-evolving  textile and fashion industry.  

The textile sustainability programme aims to complement the fashion design degree in Taylor’s  University. It is aspired to also work with existing clients and stakeholders in promoting sustainability in an integrated manner and build constant capabilities in sustainability awareness from fabric to packaging.  

Thomas adds, “Sustainability in textile is more than just apparels. It is an overarching terminology in moderating fast fashion and social issues resultant from it. nanotextile360° aims  to interconnect its initiative pillars and approach; each pillar would be independently self sustainable – creating a closed-loop execution. Understanding the industry has to start  somewhere in this demand and supply correlation interdependency.”