IoniBotanical Technology from Noble Biomaterials is registered with the EPA.

Published: March 25, 2023

Noble Biomaterials, a global provider of antimicrobial solutions for soft surface applications, announced that the EPA has officially registered its most recent antimicrobial technology.

Ionic+® Botanical inhibits the growth of microorganisms and lessens odour on fabric and other soft surfaces using a bio-based registered citric acid composition. In 2021, Noble Biomaterials started creating the exclusive Ionic+® Botanical recipe and as part of that process, they registered with the EPA. With the active compound based on citric acid registered, Noble’s licenced partners can make claims about antimicrobial advantages including “odour management” and surface defence for various performance fabric applications.

One of the most widely used components in cleaning agents, dietary supplements, food and beverage products, and pharmaceuticals is citric acid. This is first made possible by Noble’s citric formula’s registration. The preservation of textiles and other frequently used produced materials has taken a routinely used product into a completely new field. Noble has observed the rising demand for plant-based remedies and is aware that the Ionic+® Botanical technology may play a significant role in supplying high-performing, environmentally friendly material preservation solutions.

Joel Furey, the company’s founder and chief commercial officer, said, “Sometimes innovative solutions are staring you right in the face. “We use citric acid for a variety of purposes every day, and during the pandemic, we became more aware of its extensive use as a disinfectant and antimicrobial agent in a range of consumer goods. We looked into its use in fabric applications as a result of this. We were successful in engineering a revolutionary system after extensive research and development. strategy that was a practical and long-lasting method of protecting fabrics and other materials against microbes. We must be quite proud of our product team for launching Ionic+ Botanical so rapidly. EPA registration is a significant step in the development of Noble’s Ionic+ Botanical products. The EPA must extensively assess items containing antimicrobial active ingredients to make sure they adhere to federal safety regulations to safeguard the environment and human health before manufacturers may market these products in the United States. The EPA regulates antimicrobial actives by assessing the risk for exposure and the toxicity of the components. Each EPA-registered product’s identification, content, potential adverse effects, and environmental fate are all evaluated scientifically before being given the go-ahead for registration. Once a After a thorough analysis, if the EPA concludes that using the product as directed on the label won’t have any negative consequences, they approve product registration.

Ionic+ and antimicrobial materials have been more and more popular in active wear and healthcare during the past five years, according to Noble. At the same time, the market has changed to more environmentally friendly fabric choices, which call for fewer washings per usage or use. Athleisure, travel, household bedding and towels, and sports equipment are just a few of the categories in which Ionic+ items may be found today. With a few carefully chosen development partners, Noble is creating Ionic+ Botanical, including Salomon, a world leader in outdoor sports, and Trident, a world leader in home textiles. In 2024, Ionic+ Botanical items will be widely accessible. a very high standard,” Furey remarked. We are aware of how crucial it is to introduce products to the market that are based on honesty, effectiveness, and sustainability for both our Brand partners and ultimately the end customers. We are thrilled to provide a plant-based option as our array of antimicrobial products with Ionic+® broadens.

Noble’s existing Ionic+ Mineral® product line, which is based on the advantages of permanent silver technology to control bacteria on fabric, is complemented with the new Ionic+ Botanical product line.

The first silver-based textiles registered with the EPA, improvements in the use of silver metallized yarns and fibres in wound care, and the first silver antimicrobial textile used on the International Space Station are just a few examples of Noble’s legacy of ground-breaking innovation. Noble’s antibacterial treatments are used in healthcare and on professional athletes. as well as in weapons, medical equipment, and supplies.


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