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Sustainability in Textiles

Published: September 17, 2020
Author: Rishika Keyal

By the term sustainability itself we can understand that its ability to exist constantly. It can be also defined as a socio-ecological prcess characterised by the pursuit of a common ideal.

Many environamentalist and ecologists argue that sustainability is achieved through the balance of species and the resources within their environment. Sustainable living is some thing which is in trend and everyone is opting this. Its being a social challenge for everyone across the world. Environament sustainability is not just about protecting the environament, it is also about restoring the environament for future generations and has found its roots in every constituency of the functioning of a business.

Sustainability has also arrived in the textile industry. It is about more than the use of organic cotton and better working conditions. The consumption of energy and chemicals poses challenges for textile companies at every stage of the value chain.

Textiles have been the base of some of the most lucrative economies and networks of exchange in the world. Its really important to be aware of the impact of our roles as a consumers of textiles. Therefore all most all the people in the world are pushing for more sustainable textiles.

There are many number of brands that have come with sustainable fabrics and promotes sustainability. Levis is one such brand that focus on sustainability, they has made strong commitments to sustainable denim productions, including significantly reducing their water use. H&M is another brand which have introduced a collection of red carpet looks created from more sustainable materials, including oranic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester to its stores. The company has even incooperated a sustainability tab on its website, highlighting its efforts to protect the environament and help turn the fashion industry into a greener industry. Many brands have comeup with similar sustainability ideas and this have helped the textile industry a lot.

lets all stand together and start using sustainable products and make this world a better place to live in for every living beings.

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