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Phoenix Marketcity, Pune’s Spring Summer Unicorn Kingdom Decor Adds a Touch of Magic and Wonder

Published: April 28, 2023

If you are waiting for something exciting and new then wait no more, as Phoenix Marketcity, Pune has been transformed into a world of enchantment, with colorful and whimsical decorations inspired by the mythical creature called the Unicorn Kingdom. The mall has transformed its premises into a wonderland that will transport shoppers into a magical world of unicorns. Visitors to the mall can expect to be greeted by a giant unicorn installation at the entrance, surrounded by fairies and flora & fauna.

Unicorn Kingdom at Phoenix Marketcity, Pune

Unicorn Carousel:

At the south entrance, a huge carousel on the faade standing tall with 3 unicorns welcoming the shoppers.

The highlight of the decor is a huge 25 feet book which has three sides depicting fantasy stories.

The Magical Kingdom of unicorns and fairies was a land known for unusual happenings. Every night the unicorn king would come out and grace the Palace and its grounds.

The Castle – Once Upon a Time, tucked away in the glory of enchanted lowers and fairies lay a mystical castle far far away. Stories of old, told a tale of the presence of mythical creatures. These unicorns astounded and astonished all with their beauty and grace.

The palace Gardens where all enchanted creatures come out and play. The pixies and the fairies make way for the arrival of unicorns, together lighting up the palace gardens.

The Unicorn Kingdom decor at Phoenix Marketcity is sure to be a hit among shoppers and is an excellent example of how Phoenix Marketcity creates unique experiences for its visitors through creative and imaginative decor. As the temperatures start to rise, the mall aims to bring the summer vibe and create an atmosphere that is both refreshing and enjoyable for the shoppers.

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