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New Horizon Gurukul School Partners with SKIDS to Bring World-class Healthcare Technology for its Children

Published: August 16, 2023

SKIDS, the first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered children’s health monitoring platform announces its partnership with New Horizon Gurukul, a prestigious school in Bengaluru. SKIDS state-of-the-art technology platform offers integrated healthcare screenings through a holistic assessment of the physical, behavioral and social health of children.

Mr. Surya Bajaj, President – New Horizon Gurukul (NHG)

The New Horizon Gurukul believes in the principle – “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind“, and this has led to this noble association with SKIDS. The school aims at the holistic development of its students and is committed to their overall well-being.

Mr. Surya Bajaj, President – New Horizon Gurukul (NHG) said, “We are very happy with our partnership with SKIDS. While we have successfully brought together the ancient Gurukul system with modern methods of teaching, we also want to offer an atmosphere for the holistic health and development of our students.”

Mr. Bajaj further adds, “SKIDS has modern ways of tracking physical and behavioral health and we are proud to give our children this very modern benefit of monitoring their physical, behavioral and emotional health. The platform also has the ability to assess behavioral states such as anxiety, isolation, and aggression. These are real-life issues and need monitoring at an early stage.”

SKIDS takes a 360-degree approach to the health care of children and deploys world-class medical-grade non-invasive and kid-friendly technology for preventive and specialist care for children. SKIDS healthcare monitoring program is a boon for both parents and schools as children are being monitored on a regular basis even before there are any signs of health concerns. SKIDS screens children for over 70+ parameters which cover organ health and behavioral health. SKIDS at-school health program also helps schools comply with all the CBSE and other state board guidelines on health-screening of children.

Speaking on the partnership with New Horizon Gurukul, Sunny Makroo, Co-founder of SKIDS said, “We are excited to bring SKIDS to the children of New Horizon Gurukul. It is a great opportunity to be an integral part of the health care of these wonderful children. At SKIDS, we take a holistic approach to pediatric care and include screening, diagnostics, and specialist interventions to monitor the health of children. A healthy student is always a better student, and monitoring them early in school helps us in offering the best preventive care possible.” On an average children spend over 200 days in school every year, hence schools are the ideal place to screen children for all risk factors – physical health and behavioral health.”

SKIDS is known for its world-class accuracy, privacy and safety and uses technology that is deployed at the top schools in US, Europe and India.

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