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Luxury Watchmaker Bangalore Watch Company Launches 70 Watches Made from India’s First Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant R11

Published: August 16, 2023

In the spirit of paying tribute to the erstwhile Indian Navy warship INS Vikrant R11,, sculptor Arzan Khambatta and Bangalore Watch Company jointly announced today a new collection that is made from metal recovered from the warship that was scrapped in 2014.

The Limited Edition MACH1 Admiral, made from the INS Vikrant R11

Mumbai artist Khambatta will design and produce 5 unique sculptures that portray the warship, and Bangalore Watch Company will design and produce 70-piece limited edition wristwatches. Khambatta’s sculptures and BWC’s watches will contain metal recovered from the scrapped INS Vikrant warship. All the collectibles will be supported by’s digital non-fungible tokens for added security and authenticity. These digital tokens will act as proof of authenticity and will carry the provenance of the art pieces through a digital proof of ownership.

“The INS Vikrant R11 served the Indian Navy between 1961 and 1997 and defended our seas in multiple combat operations. It was the first Aircraft carrier that any Asian country had at the time and took on Sea Harriers for vertical take-off and landing in 1984. The warship stood as a symbol of India’s Naval Aviation and resilience for decades. We are honoured to be able to bring some parts of the ship back through these unique collectibles,” said Kanishq Chhabria – Co-Founder

In 2016, Arzan Khambatta was commissioned to create a Sculpture of the INS Vikrant, which now lives in Lion Gate, Mumbai. “I am excited about this tribute to INS Vikrant. The 5 sculptures will create awareness with a wider audience about India’s Naval history and the INS Vikrant as the NFT market continues to grow, it will undoubtedly facilitate a wider reach and open new opportunities to connect with a global audience of art enthusiasts, historians, and collectors,” said Arzan Khambatta.

In this unique initiative, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) play a pivotal role in tracking the provenance and authenticity of the creations. For the watches and sculptures, the NFTs act as digital certificates of authenticity, as well as immutable proof of their provenance with all this information being stored on the blockchain in perpetuity.

“The watches are made by processing the hardened steel that was recovered from the erstwhile warship to be used as the dials. Cases made of marine-grade steel, anti-scratch Sapphire crystals, and powered by a La Joux-Perret Swiss-made Automatic movement with a 68 hours of power reserve. This is a meticulous process that took several months to handle the special materials sensitively without damage, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do,” said Nirupesh Joshi, Co-founder and Creative Director of Bangalore Watch Company.

“As an artist, Im recreating my sculpture of the INS Vikrant at Lion Gate using pieces from the legendary warship. Using slabs cut from the anchor chain, I aim to convey a warriors texture and grungy appearance – a symbol of victory over hardships. Each placement carries the Vikrants power and passion, honouring its legacy. This sculpture pays homage to resilience and strength, inspiring admiration for bravery and triumph against all odds. It captures the enduring spirit of the Vikrant, preserving its significance for generations to come,” said Arzan Khambatta.

The 70 watches can be reserved directly on the Bangalore Watch Company website starting 15th August 2023, and will be shipped worldwide. The watches will be priced at INR 2,12,000/-

The 5 sculptures can be redeemed on purchase of the NFT through the platform starting 15th August 2023, and will be shipped worldwide. The sculptures will be priced at INR 7,50,000/-

About Arzan Khambatta
Mumbai-born artist Arzan Khambatta, an architect turned sculptor, discovered his passion for sculpting at a young age. After earning a bachelors in architecture, he has spent the last three decades as an artist, reusing and reimagining scrap from junkyards. Working with fresh sheets of metal, Arzans artistry involves filing, bending, moulding, cutting, welding, and burning, resulting in striking and dramatic creations – from surging rivers of lava to spiralling flaming planets in space. Employing light and shadow, he skilfully accentuates nuances and moods in his masterpieces.

About Hefty Art is a progressive art platform set on supercharging artist revenue by seamlessly uniting traditional and digital art forms. Currently, it hosts a robust NFT marketplace and facilitates collaborations, promoting creative partnerships between artists, brands, and influencers. is an evolving digital ecosystem championing creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

About Bangalore Watch Company™
Bangalore Watch Company™ produces world-class luxury wristwatches from India. Each collection, produced in limited numbers tells stories from Indian Aviation, the Indian Space program, and others from modern India. Founded in India’s watchmaking ground zero with a debut in 2018, the brand has built an enthusiastic following around the world, with patrons in over 30 countries.

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