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Published: September 5, 2020
Author: SaachiBhatia

OSAKA — Coxco will collaborate with clothing trading house Yagi & Co. to start selling clothes and pullovers made from the remaining sample fabrics in warehouses.

Coxco will manufacture and sell dresses and other products using Yagi & Co. surplus fabrics online. This initiative seeks to cater the younger generation that is interested in the environmental impact of the disposal of waste fabrics. 

Owing to improvements in the nature of clothing factories and a supply surplus of fabrics, “about 5 million tonnes of cloth are disposed of globally every year” said coxco founder Ayumi Nishigawa. Few trading houses are eager to sell untreated fabrics at their warehouses for fear of tarnishing their corporate reputation, but Yagi & Co. agreed to do so in reaction to increasing understanding of the climate.

The clothes made with the sample fabric will be sold by Makuake, a crowdfunding service company, by subscription from Sept. 4-29. The clothes are then available on the online retail site of coxco.

SOURCE: The Asian Review


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