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India Gate Spearheads Pan-India Basmati Education Initiative to Further New FSSAI Standards for Basmati Rice Category

Published: July 31, 2023

KRBL Limited’s India Gate Basmati Rice, the World’s No.1 Basmati Rice brand, has announced a pan-India 360-degree awareness campaign to drive consumer and trade awareness around the recently released regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), which stipulate rigorous quality parameters for Basmati Rice. The new regulations are set to be enforced on August 1, 2023, and shall mark a significant milestone in establishing clear benchmarks for the India market, enhancing and ensuring the continued excellence of Indian Basmati rice.

Pan-India awareness campaign announced by India Gate Basmati Rice around recently released regulations of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

KRBL takes a consumer-centric approach, placing the spotlight on the discerning consumers who seek unparalleled purity and excellence in their rice choices. With a strong focus on education, KRBL is committed to empower consumers, to make informed choices in picking the right Basmati rice for their family. Through a mix of media vehicles, including captivating TV commercials, informative print advertisements, and interactive social media campaigns, KRBL passionately creates awareness about these new standards and nudges consumers to choose their Basmati Rice wisely. By engaging with consumers directly, KRBL aims to build trust in their commitment to delivering the finest basmati rice to homes across Indian markets.

Mr. Ayush Gupta, Business Head, India Market, KRBL, commented, “We laud the FSSAI for their visionary approach in establishing identity standards for Basmati Rice. These regulations will undoubtedly bolster consumer confidence in the authenticity and safety of our cherished Basmati rice, both within India and in the global arena. As the World’s No. 1 Basmati Rice Brand, India Gate has always been committed to maintaining the integrity of the Basmati grain through compliance, and these regulations align perfectly with our mission to deliver the finest Basmati rice to consumers worldwide.”

It is for the very first time that FSSAI has laid down identity standards for various forms of Basmati Rice, including brown Basmati, milled Basmati, parboiled brown Basmati, and milled parboiled Basmati. These standards, as outlined in the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) First Amendment Regulations, 2023; and notified in the Gazette of India, signify a momentous step forward in promoting the reputation and trustworthiness of Indian Basmati rice in the Indian markets.

The first-ever regulations take on the issue of rampant adulteration in Basmati Rice sold in India and therefore restrict presence of non-basmati grains to 15% in Basmati Rice, ensuring that the consumer gets unadulterated quality basmati rice.

The standard comprehensively captures various attributes of the basmati rice which are pivotal for building a food safety culture. As per the standard, basmati rice shall possess a natural fragrance, characteristic of basmati rice and be free from artificial colouring, polishing agents and artificial fragrances. These standards also specify various identity and quality parameters for basmati rice such as average size of grains and their elongation ratio after cooking; maximum limits of moisture, amylose content, uric acid, defective/damaged grains and incidental presence of other non-basmati rice etc.

Mr. Gupta added, “Basmati has unique quality characteristics that no other rice in the world possesses. Basmati is a GI product of India. Over the years, due to mass commercialization, there is a significant amount of adulterated basmati available in trade. These include blending of other grains, mixing artificial fragrances and colours. The prime objective is to safeguard the integrity of the grain and maintain the authenticity of flavour and taste, and ensure that consumers get what they pay for [Pure Basmati]. Through our media engagement, we want to empower consumers to make well-informed choices, fostering a deeper connection with our brand and values.

KRBL Limited remains optimistic that this campaign will not only increase consumer awareness but also foster an appreciation for the superior qualities of Basmati rice, further solidifying Indias position as a key player in the global Basmati rice market.

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