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Importance of Textile Education to Entrepreneurs of MSME sector of Textile.

Published: June 24, 2018

MSME sector in textile at india is passing through drastic revolution since last two decades, especially after year 2005. This industry has started installing weaving machines with modern technologies. They want to chase the domestic as well as global competition in terms of quality & economy. In this revolutionary period, need of one parameter has strongly emerged out, that is “Knowledge”. Today requirement of knowledge in textile business for getting success is of prime importance.

With the start of 21st century, world has become free trade zone. As a result, in the textile industry also, imports & exports have increased to a noticeable level. This has necessitated to widen our vision of horizon for business. In this scenario, one always needs knowledge of technical matters and terms used at international level.

MSME sector of textile industry has not given vital importance to acquire technical & professional knowledge. Even today majority enterpreneurs of this segment trust on family owned expertise only. For this belief, the weaknesses of our educational system is more responsible. Our universities are providing know how of managing composite and large sector of industry, but MSME segment actually needs expertise of managing decentralized sector of industry.

Textile Industry / Business today demands entrepreneurs & traders with knowledge and vision, who are prepared for global competition & understand minute details of the industry & business. Fundamentally prepared & educated entrepreneurs & traders only succeed in today’s Textile Industry & Business. Most of the times potential order of product which is possible for these people, is not taken up by them only because of lack of knowledge and information. And in reverse, some times they get ready to pick up a job which is not possible for them. This places them in miserable situation and forces them to take wrong decisions. In today’s TIME, one wrong decision will harm how much, that you need to ask that kind of experienced person. We are in a fast running world, so any business decision you need to take it fast. In this compitative world, right decision at delayed period of time is not going to provide you desired benefit. The slogan of this compitative business is “ Move Fast – Act Fast”. In this strategic time, only & only your knowledge will come in your use for getting success.

If we observe the work style of this area of industry, person comes in the business because of finance strength or contacts or family business. With passage of time, one realizes the importance of business & entrepreneurial knowledge. It is not that the person is an illetrate one, but they are qualified and experts in some other areas which is not useful for textile business. At this juncture of time, they may have invested lakhs or crores of rupees in industry or business. At this stage of life, one gets puzzled for what to do ? Where to go ? etc. Their status, age and shortage of time from business – all these put them in depressed situation. Friends, but for gaining knowledge, age is never the hurdle. One can gain knowledge at any stage of life. Being ignorant is not that much shameful, but not opening up to gain knowledge is definitely shameful. It is said that “There is always a way if you are COMMITTED” and “Where there is a problem there is a SOLUTION”.

Thus, in today’s ruthless competition, knowledge has become essential for successfully running industry and/or business. It is in benefit of our OWN and for our NATION. In short- A Little Drop Of KNOWLEDGE, Flavored With WISDOM, Make Big DIFFERENCES.

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