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Published: May 23, 2022

Last year, The Industry Ministry identified several potentially rich sectors, these industries acquire the potential to spread their wings and impact the economy of our country positively. 12 Champion sectors were identified, and the furniture industry is one such strong sectors that can firmly stand by our country’s Make In India agendas.

Due to the pandemic, the purchase rates of modular furniture has risen to a limit that its crystal clear that the furniture industry is a crucial pillar of Make in India. Such e-commerce furniture brands have changed the game for the furniture industry.

It is so true that talent plus technology is the best possible way to innovate something in today’s modern era. The online furniture brand has understood it well have been a boon to local artisans and labourers life.

Some of the most prominent ways in which Make In India have been a blessing to the furniture industry are:

1) Learning of New Technologies: Technology can sharpen various aspects of the furniture industry. From manufacturing to delivery, technology can smooth out the whole process and be more understandable in terms of growth. The most crucial companies that offer positive economic growth to the furniture industry are those with stable online presence. This has promoted the indulgence of modern technology in the furniture industry, and the importance of Make in India is significantly attracting Indians enough to invest in Reliable Indian Furniture Brands for which online presence is a must. Therefore, any furniture company planning to widen their business will surely promote technology usage, which will result in skilled labour.

2) Increased Employment in the Rural Regions: The whole concept of Make in India was launched to improve the living quality of rural regions by promoting employment, and the furniture industry of India still consists of companies that promote hand-made furniture. The major reason that has pulled back India from blooming its furniture industry to the maximum is because of their small scale workers. Hand-made furniture is surely the best kind but if technology gets involved the uniqueness of hand-made, faster productivity will take place. The budding e-commerce furniture brands offer a wide collection of products, which makes them worthy of exploration for the audience. Furniture industries can offer ample employment in the rural regions and improve the production pace for the better.

3) Increase of Production: With increased employment, the production rate also increases. This might sound like a simple goal, but in reality, it’s a tall hurdle that India needs to overcome. Increasing your furniture production would be useless unless you know how to market the products to the potential targeted audience. Many e-commerce furniture brands have keen consideration towards local artisans because of the Make in India initiative. Hiring labour from rural reasons has some benefits to the company, but to keep up with the technology-driven era, it is important for the furniture industry to help their team learn to work with technology. So overall, the rural people are getting an opportunity to learn new things while helping the industry grow at a faster pace.

4) Keeping The Traditions Alive: Make in India have promoted varied industries to keep Indian Traditions alive, this marketing technique has resulted in a highly positive response. We Indians are not only fond of our diverse culture and practices but are also equally proud to call them our traditions. The furniture industry has been innovating the fusion of traditional design in a more functionally better way. It is true that, In India, no matter what era, traditional designs of furniture will be timeless. It’s not unusual to find antique furniture in modern Indian Homes, so furniture industries are profiting a lot by infusing traditional elements in their modern designs.

In India, many furniture brands strongly believe in being Vocal for the Local. This has been the most significant factor to indulge different classes of people together. From manufacturing to product delivery, promoting local techniques and pure materials in every possible way has been an impactful contribution to the Make In India initiative by the furniture industry.

Lokendra Ranawat, Co-Founder & CEO, Woodenstreet.

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