Product descriptions are an essential part of selling clothes online. They help inform customers about product features, details, and design elements. A well-written product description informs potential customers about the details of the clothes. Thus, people are more likely to make a purchase. What to consider when writing product descriptions for clothes? Keep reading to get the answers! 

What is the product description?

The product description explains the features and benefits associated with a product. It typically includes the product’s name, purpose, details on how it works, and any additional information that could help potential customers make an informed purchase decision. Product descriptions can range from brief overviews to lengthy explanations with examples of images or videos. 

An example of a product description could be an online retailer explaining a new laptop computer. The product description might include the make and model and hardware capabilities, such as processor speed, RAM size, storage capacity, etc. It highlights key features or upgrades that set it apart from other models. Finally, the product description might include example images or videos to show the product in action. 

How to write product descriptions?

When writing product descriptions for clothing items, it’s best to start with a general overview that includes the product name and category. It covers many things, including tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, and more. It gives readers an initial understanding of what item is being offered. 

After providing this basic information, you should give a detailed breakdown of each feature, such as material composition (e.g., cotton or polyester), fit, product dimensions, product color, and design elements. Next, add color information and an overall description of the item’s style and design. All of this information will help customers make an informed decision when selecting clothes online.

An example of a product description: We have shoes from the athleisure category. 

It’s important to mention any unique product benefits or features that could make the product stand out from others in the same category. Top Writing Reviews, a writing services reviewer recommends to note that, for example, if a garment is made of natural fibers or has a unique style element, this should be mentioned explicitly so that customers understand what makes the product unique. 

  • The shoes have a comfortable sole that cushions your feet and an aesthetically pleasing design. They are available in several colors and sizes to fit individual needs.
  • The shoes are made of breathable mesh fabric that allows airflow and keeps your feet cool and dry. The sole is designed to absorb impact and reduce joint stress for superior comfort. Additionally, the laces provide a secure fit, and the flexible material allows for a natural range of movement. 
  • The shoes provide all-day comfort while looking stylish; you can wear them to the gym or out on a date with no issue.

Additionally, letting customers know how the product will look when worn can help increase sales by giving readers an idea of how the product might look on them.

Parameters of product descriptions

Address specific length and keyword parameters when crafting product descriptions and are plagiarism-free.

1. Length

This parameter plays a vital role in the success of a product description. Descriptions should be concise yet comprehensive, ideally no more than 250 words each. If a report is too long, readers will lose interest, and the product won’t stand out from its competitors. Additionally, the length must be consistent throughout all descriptions for the same product line.

  • Learn e-commerce platform recommendations

The length of product descriptions depends on the online store platform. Shopify, WordPress, and Wix are popular e-commerce platforms with different guidelines for product description lengths. You can delegate the task to experienced writing services, Trust My Paper; they will cover you when you deal with other store-related tasks.

Shopify recommends writing descriptive product pages with 200-300 words, while WordPress suggests using up to 500 words per page. Meanwhile, Wix recommends a minimum of 200 words per product page but encourages longer descriptions to make the products more attractive. Ultimately, it is up to the store owner to decide how much text they want their customers to read when browsing for products.

2. Research keywords

Using keywords strategically is another critical factor in writing compelling product descriptions. Including relevant keywords can help draw attention to your products and make them easier to find on search engine results pages. That is especially true for e-commerce websites, where keywords can be used to boost SEO. However, it’s important not to overuse keywords and create unnatural or hard-to-read descriptions.

Tools for keyword research

One such tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which generates lists of relevant keywords based on your chosen topic. Enter your product’s details, and the tool will provide you with related keywords. 

Another helpful tool is Keyword Tool Domains. It gives a comprehensive list of keywords related to domain names, websites, and products. Then, you must enter the product’s details and select the most relevant ones to include in your product description.

Finally, there is Wordtracker Keywords Tool. This powerful keyword research tool helps you discover high-quality, relevant keywords for your products.

3. Check uniqueness.

Ensuring that all product descriptions are plagiarism-free and unique is essential. You can check it with Copyscape or Grammarly (Premium edition.) Rated by Students highlights after thousands of completed reviews of writing services that plagiarized content can put your business at risk and hurt your reputation. Make sure to write original descriptions for all your products, or seek help from a professional copywriter.

Tips for completing product descriptions

Writing product descriptions for online stores can be tricky – you must strike the right balance between informative and eye-catching. To write compelling product descriptions, use a few key metrics to consider.


First, a good product description should be concise yet complete. That should provide enough information about the item without sounding too wordy. The report should also contain specific terms that allow online shoppers to understand what the thing is and how to use it. Finally, to double-check the accurate description, online stores should always list the product’s exact specifications. 

Learning target audience

Online stores should tailor their product descriptions to their target audience. That means that the language and tone of the description should match the customers who will be reading it. Using terms that reflect a customer’s interests and needs can help online stores make their descriptions more engaging and effective.

Here are a few reasons why your target audience should be taken into account: 

  • Personalize Your Content: Making sure that your content relates to the demographic of your target audience makes it easier for them to connect to what you are selling and helps them see why your product would benefit them.
  • Use Engaging Language: Using engaging language that appeals to your target audience can help persuade them to purchase your product. Speak in their language, use words and phrases they’re familiar with, and ensure the tone of voice reflects the customer base you are trying to reach.
  • Focus on Quality: Don’t just focus on quantity; ensure you’re providing quality, helpful information relevant to the target audience you are trying to reach. 

For example, if you sell a sports accessory, focus on how the item can help improve performance or make life easier for active athletes. However, if you know your potential buyers are beginners who make the healthy habit of training, help them focus on their needs. 


Overall, creating detailed product descriptions helps inform customers about garments and encourages them to purchase items that meet their needs. Writing compelling product descriptions requires careful consideration of customer interests and preferences and accurate product quality and design elements information. These tips can increase sales in your online store with well-written product descriptions. Good luck!