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Published: November 17, 2020


Grenada is a sovereign state in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. Grenada has a side that many have never observed. The Spice Isle, as it’s known for its huge part in sending out nutmeg and mace, is a little island found legitimately north of Trinidad and Tobago. Notwithstanding its perfect sea shores, it’s an objective for travelers and swashbucklers looking for the party of Spicemas, Grenada’s Carnival.


Spice Mas, as it is known, wakes up on the island in the second seven day stretch of August every year. Things develop from July, and this is a high pinnacle time to head out to the island. This 10-day festivity of subjugation’s end consolidates marches, pomp, rivalries, shows, extraordinary food, and great rum. As there are numerous gatherings and social exercises occurring around this time, this is an incredible chance to go in case you’re searching for an exuberant occasion with exercises happening for what it’s worth. Fair in Grenada includes ensembles, Soca and Calypso music and rivalries, and obviously moving in the roads for the terrific finale!

Spicemas is a combination of everything beautiful and music that is customary to just Grenada. Anybody in participation is liberated to be who and how they are. There is no judging – and there are no guidelines, it’s all fun and harmony. Spicemas epitomizes age-old conventions that represent human instinct and a soul that can never be broken.

The customs of Spicemas come from individuals taken from Africa to become slaves in the Caribbean to work in the direst conditions. However by one way or another, these individuals figured out how to save a portion of the conventions they knew from their homes. Rich, African conventions from lands that were generally immaculate by untouchables.

In addition to the fact that it is praised at an unexpected time in comparison to different jamborees all through the world, however it additionally has a rich history that commends the way of life that makes Grenada an elite objective.

Why is it Unique?

Other than being praised on unexpected dates in comparison to other Caribbean Carnivals and having an alternate name, Grenada’s Spicemas has a couple of other particular contrasts that set it apart from other neighboring islands. Both Jab Fest and the Shortknee Parade are additionally one of a kind to Grenada’s Spicemas.


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