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Published: November 17, 2020


Curacao is a Caribbean island not a long way from Venezuela. It is an independent nation inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands, mixing Caribbean and Dutch culture in amazing extent. Curacao has a history of welcoming diverse cultures, races and religions.

Curacao’s sea shores are breathtaking. Playa Knip is a neighborhood top pick and a decent decision for families. It’s arranged in a secured bay with delicate waves and blue-green water. Curacao lies south of the storm belt so fine climate is for all intents and purposes a slam dunk.

Chichi dolls are one of Curacao’s most unmistakable specialties. In Papiamentu, a Chichi is a more seasoned lady who is held in incredible regard, somebody who you go to for direction. Families may paint their own Chichi dolls at Serena’s Art Factory for an important bring home keepsake. The specialty shop holds paint-it-yourself doll workshops on Thursdays and Fridays.


You may have seen curvaceous and plentiful lined dolls improved in eye-popping tones in various sizes and styles all around the island recently. They are called Chichis® and they have surprised Curacao in the previous not many years.

“Chi implies elder sibling in the nearby language of Papiamentu, and it additionally speaks to a local Caribbean lady who is shrewd, solid, mindful, upbeat and a sort and inviting soul. I needed to make a doll that epitomized those characteristics and grasped the warm invite I have likewise gotten on this island,” she says,” however like individuals, I needed them to have their own characters. So I employed and prepared neighborhood craftsmen to paint them from their own motivations. We started little, with a couple of neighborhood ladies, and now we have more than 50 female painters, which gives nearby ladies a magnificent imaginative outlet and furthermore additional salary! Furthermore, we are as yet developing!”


The reserved Chichi® mold was first made and planned by the skilled craftsman, Serena Israel. She mixed her German foundation and her Caribbean climate in her work. She was additionally propelled by crafted by acclaimed specialists like Venus of Willendorf, Fernando Botero, and Niki de Saint Phalle, while as yet clutching her own legitimacy and inventiveness.



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