Atlas Copco, established in Stockholm in 1873, marks its 150th birthday today. Atlas Copco has been advancing technology and providing ground-breaking breakthroughs to clients in numerous industries for the past 150 years.

The CEO and President of the Atlas Copco Group, Mats Rahmström, said, “We are immensely proud of our heritage and we continue to define the future through our technology and service solutions. Since 1873, when we were a new, modest local business, a lot has changed. Yet I believe our founders would have appreciated our culture of innovation, the enthusiasm displayed by our staff, and our commitment to advancing development alongside our clients.

In the beginning, Atlas Copco provided equipment for the construction of the Swedish railroad network after it was established in Stockholm, Sweden. Following that, the Group has developed and now serves clients in a variety of industries, making everything from food production to space exploration possible.

We have a really solid business culture that values varied viewpoints and gives our staff the freedom to make decisions, according to Mats Rahmström. “I think a significant portion of our success is based on our capacity for adaptation, with a constant emphasis on providing value to our clients. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our clients, vendors, business partners, and coworkers worldwide and look forward to continued successful collaboration. With the exception of Antarctica, Atlas Copco today operates on all continents. Other than a sales office in Russia, which at the time was a significant trading partner for many Swedish enterprises, it began its first non-Swedish operations in 1913 the Revolution in Russia. Instead, the firm began its international expansion in the United Kingdom in 1919.

In 1936, the corporation opened a sales office in Kenya, but it wasn’t until South Africa that it started conducting legitimate business there. In order to eventually become the sole owner, Atlas began purchasing shares in the drill bit and spare parts producer Delfos as early as 1922.