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Fashion Dissertation Ideas for UK Students

Published: October 29, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Various cultures and trends impact fashion trends through multiple regions and eras. These changing trends create a dynamic that you can study to determine the influences behind different fashion choices.

As such, writing a fashion dissertation may prove a daunting task for students. If a dissertation topic is selected poorly, it may result in challenging research and thus compromise the quality of the dissertation.

This article covers some fashion dissertation ideas to help you develop a topic that appeals to your examining panel. You may also engage dissertation writing help UK cover various perspectives for your selected topic.

Some of the fashion dissertation ideas to consider are:

  1. The forces behind the increased need for natural fabrics in 2021
  2. How the Covid-19 has impacted the fashion industry
  3. The impact of celebrity figures on fashion trends
  4. Driving forces behind the popularity of sneakers
  5. Alternative options for sustainable clothing materials
  6. Why leather garments are slowly being phased out of the market
  7. Why the tie has gradually lost popularity in the 21st century
  8. Impact of social media marketing on modern fashion trends
  9. How sports influence fashion demands
  10. Origin and concept of baby fashion
  11. Clothes as an identity of social status
  12. The decline of formal wear in the workplace
  13. How cinema impacts the fashion industry
  14. How modern technology has affected fashion designs in the 21st century
  15. Role of social media in setting global fashion trends
  16. The essential skills required for success as a fashion designer
  17. How runway modeling affects the fashion trends globally
  18. Fashion and identity
  19. Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion
  20. The impact of social media endorsements on global fashion trends
  21. A critique of celebrity endorsement on fashion trends
  22. The influence of fashion on daily life
  23. Negative effects of fashion on human life
  24. History of fur in the fashion industry
  25. Development of school uniforms
  26. Fashion photography: Reasons behind its success
  27. Role of women in modern fashion and styling

These topics should guide you as you brainstorm for an idea for your thesis statement. You may also check best dissertation services in uk and find more subjects to determine the best ideas for your niche.

Tips for Writing a Great Dissertation                 

  • Choose a topic that interests you- dissertation writing involves a lot of research and dedication. Choosing an issue you care about allows you to delve deep into research and prepare a strong argument.
  • Make a rough draft- A rough draft is critical as it allows you to gauge the completeness of your arguments. The draft also will enable you to map the structure and the flow of your discussion.
  • Engage journals in the research phase- Collecting materials to support your argument can prove a tedious task. To manage this, engage journals that are dedicated to your topic. Next, find references that may influence your opinion and read them when structuring your paper.

Final Take

Writing a dissertation ranks among the most stressful tasks for students. These tips and fashion dissertation ideas should come in handy to help you prepare your thesis. For more information, visit . Good luck!

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