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Crescent Lighting: India’s Vertically Integrated LED Lighting Manufacturing Company

Published: April 11, 2023

Crescent Lighting, Indias leading vertically integrated LED lighting manufacturing company, has announced the expansion of its product line to include a wider range of lighting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, architectural, indoor, and outdoor spaces. Crescent Lightings products are known for their superior energy efficiency, with up to 80% energy savings without compromising lighting performance. The companys products have a long life, lasting up to 50,000 hours as per LM80 certification, and are eco-friendly, containing no UV/IR, mercury, or other hazardous materials. They are easy to install, require zero maintenance, and have higher lumen efficacy, providing 10% higher lumen output than other brands.

Indias Widest LED Lighting Range

With more than 16 years of core expertise in the lighting industry, Crescent Lighting is known for its diversified product range, which includes LED panel lights, junction box lights, COB spotlights, LED office lights, bulkheads, floodlights, street lights, high-bay lights, ceiling lights, picture and mirror lights, spotlights, track lights, wall lights, foot lights, SMD strip and rope lights, lighting accessories, high-quality drivers and SMPS, and smart lights that feature IOT devices, dimmable and tunable lighting solutions, and Wi-Fi-enabled products. Crescent Lightings products are also aesthetically designed and made of high-quality materials that are non-yellowing and non-brittle polycarbonate material for longer life. With cutting-edge LED technologies, efficient heat dissipation systems, and lower light depreciation than other companies, the company makes durable products. They are made to fit Indian climatic conditions and have stronger safety standards than other brands.

Applications for Crescent Lightings products include residential, office/workspace, institutions, hospitals/pharmaceuticals, warehouse/industrial, elevation/faade, garden/landscape, hoardings, sports indoors/outdoors, street/roads, showroom/supermarket/coffee shop/boutique, and others. With more than 2000+ SKUs, the company has the largest selection of LED lighting products in India and provides practical solutions for various lighting needs. Ankur Mehta, Founder and Chairman, Crescent Lighting, said, “We are committed to delivering high-quality and sustainable lighting solutions to our customers in India. Our products are designed to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and easy to install, with a focus on durability, longevity, and safety. We take pride in our wide range of products, which make us Indias widest LED lighting providing brand. Our commitment to innovation and expanding our product range has helped establish us as a leader in the Indian lighting industry. At Crescent Lighting, we are excited about the future of LED lighting in India and looking forward to playing a significant role in its growth and evolution.

With a monthly production capacity of 4 lac finished products, Including Injection Moulding Facility Crescent Lighting has 4 manufacturing sites in Mumbai and Surat and R&D facility in Vasai. Crescent Lightings modern manufacturing facilities are outfitted with 400+ own moulds and Latest tools and technology to guarantee that its products are of the highest caliber. Customers may feel secure knowing that every product is created, produced, and tested to satisfy high quality standards thanks to the expertise of Crescent Lightings team. The products of Crescent Lighting are widely utilized in a variety of applications and are renowned for their excellent quality, dependability, and energy efficiency.

The company’s products are used across a range of sectors, including architecture, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education. With its focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Crescent Lighting is well-positioned to become Indias leading LED lighting company. The companys commitment to providing effective lighting solutions for different applications, combined with its expertise and experience, makes it the go-to choose for customers who demand the best in lighting solutions.

For more information on Crescent Lightings products and services, please visit the companys website at

About Crescent Lighting

Crescent Lighting is India’s vertically integrated LED lighting manufacturing company with an extremely strong national presence, thanks to their philosophy of Made in India, extensive distribution network and world class quality. We describe our self as a Complete Vertically integrated company as it owns every stage of the production process from raw materials to finished products to supply the sales of final products.

With 16 years of experience in the lighting industry, Crescent happens to be one of the market leaders providing lighting solutions at the National level with a localized ecosystem, handpicked vendors, in-house research & testing, and indigenous manufacturing. By making lighting products in India, they have reached across the nation with their self-sufficient and well-equipped advanced technology.

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