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Blend Bazaar Returns with its Spectacular 2nd Edition: Bengaluru’s Ultimate Fusion Festival on October 7-8

Published: September 13, 2023

Blend Community, a vibrant hub for creators, consumers, and brands announces the 2nd edition of Blend Bazaar, India’s only creator community-powered festival. The finest food and music festival of the year is set to take place on the 7th and 8th of October, at Bharatiya Mall, Bengaluru, from 11 AM to 10 PM. Blend Bazar promises an exhilarating mix of diverse worlds and experiences, offering eventgoers an unforgettable journey into a paradise for foodies, an electrifying music lineup, and captivating, crafted fashion, lifestyle, and art experiences that will leave a lasting mark.

India’s only creator community-powered festival combines culinary, fashion, art, and literature experiences with a stellar musical lineup to bring you the finest food and music festival of the year

With a meticulously curated lineup of events, Blend Bazaar, this year promises to be an inclusive platform where imagination knows no bounds. The experience will encompass a distinguished lineup of national and international artists, interactive coffee brewing classes, captivating book reading sessions, a one-of-a-kind shopping extravaganza, and tempting mixology sessions, to name just a few highlights.

Blend Bazaar has joined forces with esteemed partners like Gourmet Tales Company, Benki Coffee, Socials, BookNerds and more to curate and execute various exclusive zones. These activations will reverberate with enthusiasm and are sure to entice eager crowds to be part of the most extraordinary event in Bengaluru.

This year, Blend Bazaar is all set to host an electrifying multi-genre music festival, featuring the biggest names in the industry like lot! Seedhe Maut, Garbaz, Lost Stories, Akhlad Ahmed, Bebetta, and Answer Music. With two thrilling days packed with EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Indie music, theres something for everyone. And thats not the end of the excitement – theres a sensational headliner yet to be unveiled, creating an air of anticipation and wonder!

Besides performances, the two-day festival weekend will offer its guests a packed schedule with plenty of things to do, see and experience. The festival will be intricately organised into various captivating zones, each having a unique look & and feel, offering an immersive experience. Given below are the Zones of Blend Bazaar:

Roasted – This unique zone is certain to delight the taste buds of every coffee enthusiast in the city! At Roasted, visitors can enjoy the enticing fragrance of freshly roasted coffee, guided by skilled baristas, which takes them on a journey into the world of coffee brewing. The zones will be hosted by the event partner and caffeine superstore Benki Coffee, who will be hosting barista championships, brewing masterclass and cupping session for event-goers. The zone also provides delicious treats accompanied by live Indie music that soothes their senses as eventgoers can indulge in carefully prepared coffees.

Entreecourse – Through Entreecourse, Blend Bazaar is poised to become India’s first festival to present a comprehensive luxury dining experience. This zone will boast an ambience of redefined luxury and an exclusively curated five-course menu, complemented by a selection of fine wines and champagne. Blend will also bring to the city some of Mumbai’s best F&B brands & and chefs to entice Bengalurians taste buds. Access to Entreecourse and its exceptional offerings will be available through a ticketed entry.

Bazaar Street: A vibrant tapestry of food and fashion intertwines with the pulse of street culture, celebrating the creativity and diversity that define urban life at Bazaar Street. The single captivating zone will consist of new-age fashion & and accessory brands like House of Fashion, Mosegi, Sumaaya, T Tattle, Fashka etc. The zone will also transport eventgoers to a world of unparalleled taste and sophistication, with emerging F&B brands like Chichabas Taj, Theka Coffee, Bakeree, Nachos Bar, and many more offering some delectable delicacies.

Blend Central Park – Manhattan’s Central Park meets India at this zone offering a serene escape where natures beauty and relaxation converge in a tranquil oasis. The zone offers a perfect retreat with sunset cinemas, incredible music and vibrant activities. Sprawled across the event area this will be the zone where the eventgoers can find their community through creative workshops and engaging in heartfelt conversations that will take place throughout the two-day festival.

Blend Global – This zone reckons eventgoers on a captivating expedition that traverses continents without leaving Blend Bazaar. Offering a vibrant tapestry of international cultures through an array of global cuisines and fashion that celebrates the rich diversity of flavours and styles across the world. Get Global is more than a zone; its an odyssey that underscores the beauty of unity in diversity, a testament to today’s global village narrative.

Blend Bar – In this zone, guests will experience refined indulgence and sophisticated socialising. Blend Bar offers an elegant, relaxing ambience where expert mixologists craft exquisite cocktails. Attendees unwind in style, enjoying their favourite drinks with like-minded companions. With mixology sessions led by celebrated bartenders, a curation of exclusive Blend’tastic cocktails, a captivating musical ambience, and an electrifying vibe, the festival-goers experience is destined for pure excitement.

Blend Chronicles – The magic of movies and books intertwines with captivating films and intriguing literary journeys. Blend Chronicles will let one indulge in the enchantment of storytelling and embark on unforgettable adventures! This is where the convergence of art, culture, and entertainment creates an enriching tapestry of experiences.

Hari Shetty, CEO and Co-founder of Blend Community said, “At Blend Bazaar, we set out to create something more than just a festival; we envisioned a tapestry of unity, where diverse threads of culture, creativity, and camaraderie intertwine. Following the exclusive and intimate inaugural edition in 2021, this second edition is a manifestation of a larger vision, a witness to the magic that occurs when we allow ourselves to be open to the beauty of blending. We celebrate the power of collaboration and the strength found in our differences as we bring together Indian and global influences in fashion, fiction, music, and beyond.”

He added, “We are thrilled to launch the edition and make it bigger this year. We invite all to come and celebrate not only what makes us unique but also what binds us as a global community of creators.”

Blend Community in partnership with Tessarakt Experiential (one of the leading experiential marketing firms, known for setting standards in large-scale brand activations and bringing bold visions to life) is set to take Bengaluru by storm with an electrifying and immersive journey that amalgamates various elements of where diverse worlds intersect. They are set to redefine the festival landscape, and attendees can expect unparalleled excitement and create memories that will leave a lasting impression. Official tickets for Blend Bazaar can be purchased on blendbazaar. in and Paytm Insider. Dont miss your chance to secure a coveted seat in the grand tapestry of Blend Bazaar’s riveting journey!

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