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Handicraft & Textile Industry Get Land For Expansion

Published: February 9, 2023

There are expectations from Ashok Gehlot’s government regarding the budget. There are expectations regarding the sops, industry bosses which are expecting good results from the land and subsideries.

Jodhpur and the whole of Rajasthan are vibrant towards the centre of handicraft and textile industry. Due to the lack of adequate land and industries, it has emerged as a stumbling block to the expansion. There is much need for the textile industry in Jodhpur mainly and has an issue of effluent which will cause pollution.

Currently, the industry needs a dedicated land where the units can be easily accomadated. There is an offer for the scope and expansion of the industry. As of now, there are 300 textile units which are situated in Basni Industries which needs treatment for the plants. There is no extra space for a new unit. Due to this, the association is looking for advance developments to provide a land. The handicraft industries in Jodhpur has a huge revenue and also provides employment.

The president of Jodhpur Handicraft Exporters Assciation has said that, “We are still sitting with our fingers crossed and hope that this will become a reality in the upcoming budget” . The industry is expecting a freight subsidy for the handicraft items. The transportation for the handicraft on costing a premium amount and this gives rise to the cost of the products.

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