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Barco Unveils New G50 Projectors at InfoComm23

Published: July 6, 2023

Barco, a leading innovator in projection technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new G50 laser smart line projector. With its unparalleled size, weight, and energy efficiency, the G50 is poised to revolutionize the industry, delivering exceptional performance for a wide range of applications. The G50 projectors are available to order from July onwards.

G-series family G50 Focus

Earlier this year, Barco shared a proud announcement as the sales numbers of their single-chip G-series laser projectors hit the symbolic mark of 10.000 units. The InfoComm launch of the three new G50 projectors is a new milestone for the projector manufacturer and its G-series offering which now comprises ten projectors between 6 and 22K lumens.

One of the key highlights of the G50 is its exceptional compactness and lightweight design. Weighing between 11-13kg, the G50 is currently the smallest projector available in the entire industry. Despite its diminutive size, the G50 outperforms similar projectors on the market, offering the highest light efficiency for visualizing high-quality content in all its glory.

In addition to its size and weight advantages, the G50 projectors address the growing importance of sustainability. With an industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 18 Lm/W, the G50 offers the most cost-effective lumen per watt ratio available. Furthermore, its long-lasting laser light source, makes the G50 not only a smart choice but also an environmentally friendly solution for all your projection needs.

Its affordable price point, coupled with its powerful and green performance, ensures that G50 users can achieve outstanding visual experiences without breaking the bank. “The Barco G-series bring uncompromised laser projection with premium value at a very competitive pricing,” adds Domien De Witte, Vice President Product IX at Barco. “With the introduction of our new G50 models, we want to reaffirm our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our projection portfolio into new markets, bringing best-seller solutions for every budget.”

This projector promises to redefine visual experiences in various applications – such as boardrooms, museums, corporate events, and even entry-level simulation-offering unmatched size, weight, energy efficiency, and compatibility with rental peripherals, all while delivering superior image quality.

For more information about the G50 and Barco’s complete range of projection solutions, you can visit.

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