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ANWI Systems Launches Advanced Ora Memory and NVMe Storage Devices Based on Graphene Technology

Published: April 9, 2023

ANWI Systems is proud to announce the launch of its advanced Ora Memory and NVMe Storage devices, featuring innovative Graphene Technology. These advanced products harness the unique properties of Graphene to deliver unparalleled thermal performance, improved efficiency, and extended product lifespan, setting new standards in the memory and storage industry.

Mr. Uday Kiran Konathala, CEO, Co-founder of ANWI Systems

The Ora line-up includes various capacities and form factors to cater to diverse user needs, from individual consumers to data centers and enterprise applications. By incorporating Graphene Technology, ANWI Systems Ora products ensure optimal thermal management, reducing the risk of thermal throttling.

Key benefits of ANWI Systems Ora Memory and Storage products with Graphene Technology include:

Enhanced thermal performance: Efficient heat dissipation keeps memory modules and NVMe SSDs cool, ensuring stable and reliable operation even during intensive workloads.

Increased longevity: Lower temperatures reduce wear and tear on components, prolonging their lifespan and offering better long-term value for customers.

Superior performance: By preventing thermal throttling, Ora Memory and Storage devices deliver consistently fast read and write speeds, reduced latency, and a more responsive system overall.

Lightweight and flexible: Graphene stickers are thin and adaptable, providing effective thermal management without adding bulk or weight to the devices.

Environmentally friendly: Graphene, derived from naturally occurring graphite, is a sustainable and non-toxic material, contributing to a greener future for the tech industry.

“We are thrilled to introduce our Ora Memory and Storage products with Graphene Technology, offering customers the latest advancements in thermal management technology,” said Mr. Uday Kiran Konathala, CEO, Co-founder of ANWI Systems. “Our commitment to innovation and performance has driven us to develop products that exceed expectations and provide exceptional value for our customers.”

ANWI Systems Ora Memory and Storage products are now available through authorized retailers, resellers, and the companys official website.

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