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All About the Best Uniforms in the World of Sports

Published: November 10, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali


Sports is something that almost each and every person likes. There is at least one sport out of the variety of sports available that has carved out a niche in the hearts of even the most reluctant sports fan. But, it is not just the players or the stadium or even the coach that ensures a huge fan base and lots of cheering for sports teams or even favourite sports stars. The other major attraction that also brings in significant financial gain in the form of millions of bucks for popular sports teams and sports stars is the jersey or even the sports uniform that they wear. These jerseys get replicated via all the big apparel stores so that millions of fans from all over the world can get their hands on them and cheer for their favourite team or star player in their own colours. 

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So, for all sports enthusiasts, the sports uniform is a mightily important factor for almost all sports teams as well as their supporters. The sports uniform is an emblem of the sort of ideas that the sports team espouses as well as the sponsors they might have. There are also popular jersey numbers, especially in football, usually belonging to crazily popular footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo with the jersey number of 7, fondly also called CR7 by his fans. 

The following is a carefully curated list of the best sports uniforms for you to check out:

  • New York Yankees: Let us first gush aloud at the emblem on the left hand pocket of their sports uniform and then talk in details about why this uniform is one of the best in the American football section. Babe Ruth wore pinstripes and DiCaprio stated in Catch Me If You Can that the Yankees win so much in the world of baseball because the opponents are way too busy staring at the navy blue and white pinstripes which are a symbol of royalty, class and intimidation;
  • Oakland Raiders: Just as infamous as their owner, Al Davis, the Oakland Raiders is a team in the NFL with the best uniform in the history of American football. Black and silver is not boring, and the Raiders sure know how to show up with class in these, all the time;
  • Boston Celtics: Ooh, another one of the greatest sports uniforms ever, the Boston Celtics have the green and white uniform that has almost the entirety of the NBA almost green with envy. Worn by the likes of the basketball legends such as Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Paul Pierce and so on, this is the one uniform that screams substance over flash.


With all these sports uniforms out here for you to see, go ahead and check them out. You could also look up some other amazing sports uniforms such as those worn by the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Boston Red Sox and so on. Keep cheering for sports, then! 

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