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A Paradigm Shift: 86 percent of Home Buyers Eager to Embrace the Real Estate Boom

Published: August 31, 2023

A wind of change is sweeping through the real estate realm, as a groundbreaking trend takes center stage, redefining the landscape for both prospective homebuyers and the property market. According to the illuminating “Real Estate Report 2022” by, an astounding 86 percent of potential home buyers are steadfast in their belief that the present moment is ripe for property investment. This seismic shift in sentiment, driven by surging rental costs, holds the promise of not only altering market dynamics but also ushering in an era of unprecedented opportunities, particularly within the mid-housing sector.

Mr. Ravi Aggarwal, the Managing Director of Signature Global (India) Ltd., said that, “The pandemic has underscored the significance of having a secure habitat, a place we lovingly call home. In these times, the value of owning a home has soared higher. Its encouraging to see this sentiment echoed in the recent industry report. It reinforces the notion that homeownership is a cherished tradition in India. At Signature Global, our unwavering mission is to ensure every familys dream of owning a home comes true. Our focus is on crafting affordable, secure, and thoughtfully designed residences. We aim to empower individuals and families to embrace their homeownership dreams. The future holds exciting prospects, and we stand united with people in transforming homeownership dreams into reality. We intend to reshape the landscape of affordable and mid-income housing, creating a novel way of life.”

The reports findings divulge an intriguing shift in consumer perspective, the driving impetus behind this intention lies in the escalating rental costs. As rental prices reach unprecedented heights, property ownership emerges as a compelling alternative, with an overwhelming 86 percent of respondents concurring that the time is opportune for real estate investment. Within this evolving scenario, the real estate sector braces itself for a monumental shift, poised to welcome a wave of unparalleled opportunities, further stoked by the pandemic; the yearning for home ownership aligns harmoniously with traditional Indian values. This prevailing sentiment is paving the way for a dynamic transformation within the real estate landscape. All eyes are riveted on the unfolding vista, poised to witness the profound impact of this evolving outlook on the real estate sector. Beyond merely heralding a transformative trend, the surge in homebuyer confidence sets the stage for a new chapter of endless possibilities within the industry.

“With homebuyers confidence soaring to unprecedented heights, the landscape of residential real estate has not only regained its assurance but has also flourished remarkably in recent years. The Delhi-NCR region stands as a striking example, where prices have surged, reflecting both growth and boundless potential within the sector. This upward trajectory in prices finds its roots in a sturdy demand for housing, underscoring the undeniable charm of modern urban living. As we peer into the horizon of the residential real estate segment, its future gleams even brighter, powered by the forthcoming festivities that are poised to further ignite a fervor of positive sentiment across transactions,”Mr. Santosh Agarwal, CFO and Executive Director, Alphacorp.

“In the midst of changing times, the concept of home has evolved beyond walls and roofs; it now encompasses a profound sense of belonging and stability. This surge in homebuyer confidence reflects a collective realization of the importance of real estate as a cornerstone of our lives. As we navigate this transformative wave, at Mapsko Group, we are dedicated to creating living spaces that harmonize with this new perspective, nurturing dreams and building futures,”Rahul Singla, Director, Mapsko Group.

Mr. Rajesh Saini, Managing Director, ETH Infra stated in the report that, “The evolving preferences of home buyers underscore a profound shift in the real estate landscape. This report echoes the growing recognition of real estate as an enduring investment avenue. We are experiencing this wave as the queries for flats in Uttarakhand and specifically in Haridwar have increased in the past few quarters. The desire for secured and personalized living spaces is gaining momentum and its evident that the allure of property ownership has intensified. We at ETH Infra, recognize the responsibility of translating these aspirations into reality by creating well-crafted, adaptable living spaces that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our Emerald Riviera and Haridwar One, premium residential projects near Har Ki Paudi, are the torchbearers in this regard. We are already reinventing the real estate arena of Uttarakhand. This shift in sentiment resonates deeply with us, and were excited to play a role in shaping the future of real estate in India.”

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