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8 Organization Tips You Wish You Knew

Published: November 27, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

As the New Year approaches, many people are thinking about how to improve their lives. One of the most common resolutions is to get organized. However, many people find that organizing complicated and overwhelming. The situation gets worse if you don’t know where to start. The good news is that there are plenty of easy organization tips you can use today. You can start by following these simple by effective eight organization tips. These would be some of the tips if you knew earlier your life could be more manageable.

1. Removing Everything That is Not Needed

Get rid of anything on your desk that does not belong there (e.g., coffee mugs or kitchen utensils). Keep any non-essential items off of your desk (e.g., candy dishes or other decorations). This helps you to remain focused.

2. Setting up files and folders

Set up file folders for each category of documents (e.g., bills & bank statements; tax returns; insurance paperwork; etc.). It may also help label these folders with words like ‘To Do,’ ‘Doing,’ ‘Done’ and place them in a filing cabinet.

3. Organizing your drawers

This can be so easy but will mean a lot. Organizing your working areas will significantly reduce work-related stress. It will also save on time as you maintain the discipline of keeping everything in its place. Organizing your desk also will ensure that you work according to the order of priority. You will be able to honor deadlines.

4. Getting clothes off the floor

Having clothes strewn about your bedroom are not only unorganized, but it also makes you feel even more cluttered and overwhelmed. Start by pulling out a drawer or two and placing them on top of your bed. Then sort through these drawers one at a time (e.g., all T-shirts together; then all tank tops). Do this until everything is in place before returning items to their respective positions in the dresser. You should next go over to your closet, where you will repeat this process with clothing that may be hanging up or folded improperly. You could organize all clothing into categories, such as tops, bottoms, and underwear/socks. Sort through the clothes you no longer wear and donate them to charity. This same technique can work for other rooms as well, such as bathrooms, garages, etc.

5. Cleaning

After getting rid of clutter around the house, you should also take this opportunity to start cleaning. Cleaning your home will give it a cleaner appearance. It may also help improve how well you function mentally and physically.

Cleanliness is vital for maintaining good mental health. Research studies have shown that people living in homes with cluttered messes are more prone to stress and anxiety. If these symptoms occur frequently enough, they could develop into full-blown depression over time.

6. Organizing your working desk

Have you wondered how to be more organized at work at any time? Keeping your desk clean and neat is one of the most excellent ways to help you become organized. A clean and tidy desk will not only make you feel more in control, but it may also help increase productivity. Try using file folders for all documents that need filling and a calendar for scheduling meetings and important dates!

7. Respecting others’ Boundaries

This makes them feel safe around you while also improving communication. This creates an open environment where people are less likely to avoid one another out of fear of being harassed or judged. Avoid touching vulnerable areas such as shoulders, backs, legs.

8. Using a Planner

This can be any planner you want (e.g., day planner, weekly task tracker, one for work & another for home). You can choose any as long as it works well with your needs and allows you to plan out tasks in advance. Planners are recommended over other types of organizational tools like calendars or lists. They will enable you to take control of your life’s many responsibilities.


There are many ways to live a more organized life. But it all starts with cleaning out your home and setting up. Whatever organizational tools you need to stay on top of things, you can get them with ease. Once started, cultivate the discipline of routine. It may take some time to get used to any new planner or filing system, but you will adjust well with time.

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