Anubha Industries was established in 2012. Says Mr. Hemendra Rawat, Head, Domestic Marketing, Anubha Industries: “ Pratibha Syntex is the parent company. The same promoters have put this unit in Surat. It is a unique setup where we do indigo and dope dyed products apart from sulphur-dyed goods. Our gamut is totally on the value-added side. We are catering to the mid to premium categories of the market. Our major markets are brands, importers and exporters. We are more export-oriented with about 50% of the products being exported. Hardly 20% goes to dealers and others in the domestic  market. This is a new mill with production starting only in 2014.”

Our major share in the production goes to big brands including Pepe, Spykar, Liva, Flying Machine, US Polo, all the brands of Aditya Birla Group, which covers many domestic and international brands.

Anubha Industries’ capacity is 20 lakh metres per month. “We focus on dope-dyeing since this adds value to the premium markets. Flasher dyeing is used for the economical, local market,” says Mr. Rawat. He adds: “We have plans for forward integration and have started already a small garmenting unit. We are making 25,000 to 30,000 pieces per month. In garments, we may go up further. In fabrics, we have a unique setup that can go up to 25 lakh metres. By clicking on the right product mix, the capacity can be raised. We are fine-tuning the marketing so that we can be flexible by reducing the capacity during dull demand and raising the capacity during hectic demand. Flexibility is the hallmark of this setup.”

Talking about rising cotton price, he said that cotton situation was very bad with price touching Rs. 1 lakh per candy. “It is on par with US cotton prices, but earlier it was lower. Inflation is also higher now. Cost adjustment is becoming difficult with yarn prices also rising rapidly.”

Blends are becoming popular not only because of cotton price rise but also because of preferences of end-consumers. Lyocel, Modal and Tencel are becoming popular because of soft feel. The share of blends will certainly go up and we are also thinking of such moves.