Hotels are eager to open their doors and the hospitality industry is on an overall upward trajectory following the devastating closures of the global pandemic. Cleanliness will now be a top priority for guests and staff alike and global textile supplier Manchester Mills has developed a smarter and cleaner range of bed and bath textiles that fits the bill.The textile producer has partnered exclusively with Micro ban International to incorporate antimicrobial product protection into the Protect 360° line of mattress encasements, pillow protectors, top sheets,and shower curtains to help prevent the growth of odor- and stain-causing microbes. Bart Kennedy, Global Group Director, Textiles, at Microban discusses the need for comprehensive cleaning solutions in the hospitality industry as the world returns to normality, and describes how this partnership addresses vital concerns.

Giving customers what they want

Cleanliness has always been the absolute top priority for discerning hotel guests. One particular study has shown that 78% of visitors value cleanliness above everything else and that 71% of those would walk out if presented with dirty sheets. The other most common factors to cause guests to turn their backs on hotels, and leave behind terrible reviews,were a dirty bathroom (69%) or bad smells (65%). This mindset has been strengthened even more during the COVID-19 pandemic and, as people resume previous travel habits, they expect the hotels to deploy even more stringent protocols to ensure the rooms are clean and fresh.

Traditional cleaning methods are not enough

Regular laundering of shower curtains and bedding can help achieve the desired freshness in a hotel room for a while, unfortunately,the clean ambience does not last long after human contact and warm, humid atmospheres make the fabrics prone to microbial growth, creating stains and stale smells. This is especially problematic in dark and moist environments, such as bathrooms, that present the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. In addition, many hotels aim to reduce their impact on the environment by giving guests the choice of how frequently their sheets and towels are washed and, as more and more people value sustainability, this means that the fabrics are laundered less often. This all points to the fact that traditional cleaning methods – however thorough – may no longer be enough to keep hotel facilities up to scratch when it comes to true cleanliness, and the hospitality industry needs to embrace alternative technologies.

 Need for enhanced cleanliness

As one of the world’s leading textile suppliers for the hospitality and healthcare industries, Manchester Mills has tackled this issue head-on by incorporating Microban® antimicrobial technology into its Protect 360°product line including mattress encasements, pillow protectors, and top sheets, as well as shower curtains. The mattress encasements and pillow protectors are also made from a waterproof fabric, including viral penetration protection, and feature a triple bed lock zipper combination offering a multi-modal barrier against the most common cleanliness challenges – bed bugs, microbes, spills and stains.

Antimicrobial activity 24/7

The Microban antimicrobial product protection is built-in to the fabric or polymer itself, becoming a permanent part of the item and providing long-lasting efficacy that lasts throughout the product’s useful life. The technology works 24/7 and helps to suppress bacterial growth, protecting the material from stains and odors, ultimately making it last longer. Most importantly it gives the fabric an enhanced freshness that cannot be achieved by cleaning and laundering alone.


Cleanliness has always been important for hotel guests and, following the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning routines are scrutinized more than ever. Manchester Mills has addressed this challenge head-on by adding antimicrobial product protection into its textile line, helping its customers to keep treated items fresher and cleaner between washes, and giving guests the confidence to worry less and rest more.