Let’s be honest. What you wear at the gym or outdoors to get moving really matters. Your exercise gear can make or break your workout. You don’t want cheap stuff that easily rips, but you also don’t want to bust your budget. Our fitness experts have put together a guide to help you select the best workout clothes for your needs whether you’re in a spin class, doing yoga, pumping iron, running a 6k, etc.

Opt For “Wicked Good” Fabrics

Material is key when choosing workout gear before you head for a session at Portland gyms. One of the finest materials to look for is wicking fabric to get rid of the sweat.

A few of these “wicked good” materials include bamboo, polypropylene, nylon, and spandex because they have the design construction and fabric content to wick sweat away from the body so that it can evaporate and keep you cooler in the gym.

Cotton is great but only if your exercise features low-impact movement. Otherwise, cotton material acts like a sponge and absorbs all of the moisture making you feel very sweaty.

Let Comfort Be Your Guide

If your workout clothing is very tight, itchy, burning your skin, etc., then choose another kind of activewear.

There’s nothing worse than discomfort when you’re out there exercising and trying to concentrate on a decent workout routine.

Women know how important a great-fitting sports bra and leggings are, so it’s always best to try these pieces out before you purchase them.

For instance, when it comes to the perfect pair of leggings, you want a pair that flatters your physique, but you also need exceptional movement for whatever activity you’ll be doing. Try a lunge or squat to ensure your leggings are comfy. Also, avoid cheap leggings that are see-through, so your fellow work-out peers don’t catch an eyeful.

The proper sports bra is a major essential no matter what size your breasts are. Fitness stylists say that you have a choice between two common design structures.

These include the compression sports bra and the encapsulation sports bra.

A compression style is made to offer excellent support, especially for smaller-breasted women, but it also squashes the bosom.

An encapsulation style is constructed with separate cups for your breasts and is easier to wear if you have a larger bosom.

If your workout involves high-impact activity such as kickboxing or running, then fitness stylists recommend reaching for the bra garments that offer the ultimate in firm control.

Also, moisture-wicking sports bras are the superb fabric to keep sweat away from the akin.

Cannot Afford Pricey Lululemon?

You’re not alone. Shelling out $100 for a pair of leggings isn’t going to work on every person’s budget plan.

Fans of Lululemon leggings swear that the fit is fantastic and worth the price. The company claims it’s all about its exceptional, high-quality fabric that is made of very fine microfiber yarns with a very special yarn construction.

You can also find well-constructed leggings for a lot less at stores like Target, Kohls, and Old Navy. These also look attractive and come in several designs for training, running, and all-day versatility, and an average pair will run you about $30.

Here’s another tip: You can always check out stores like TJ Maxx that often feature high-end activewear brands like Nike and Adidas for great savings. Marshall’s sells Champion workout gear for low prices.

Even Socks Are A Factor

Don’t underestimate your feet when selecting the best workout clothes available. No one enjoys developing blisters or moving around in paper-thin socks.

Fitness pros suggest staying away from all-cotton materials because of the friction they can cause. You want your feet to breathe and perform as in shooting hoops, running, lifting weights, cycling, and more.

Myles’s Italian-made merino wool socks for men are ideal for moisture-wicking and odor resistance at $18 a pair. These socks keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and are soft, durable, and comfy.

The best workout gear is out there and ready for you to do your thing. Look over our recommendations to find the right clothing that meets your individual needs, and then, get out there. Just do it!