A unique initiative by partners of Smartext Solutions-an authorized distributer for The LYCRA Company in INDIA.

It was amazing to see a unique initiative from the seasoned professionals of textiles with their private label BSmarT™ & its innovative unique consumer experience store, first of its kind in Indian domestic market.

Currently, there are several domestic & international apparel brands& retailers along with thousands of small-time wholesalers are servicing consumers with various fashion garments and doing a great job. However, on the other side, we see a large portion of garments lying in the consumer wardrobes, unutilized due to multiple reasons like improper fit, color fading, loosing sheen & shape and many more reasons which may be purchased in ignorance by a general consumer, & will be of a great value loss as well as a big waste created at end consumer level.

BSmarT™ promoters took an initiative to educate/ share knowledge of their professional long career in the textile with a unique new venture. Their mission of – ‘Empowering every seeking and exploring special people with knowledge of basic science behind the fabric & garments to get the best possible benefit of their spends & to make them really feel Smart and delighted. Hence creating lifelong value for them’ – looks really powerful & visionary.

As a part of their mission, they brought a unique consumer experience store – BSmarT™ powered by LYCRA® with an interesting tag line “I Know What I am Wearing, I Got It !!” at main road of Yelhanka New Town (North Bangalore). A 1000 sq, ft. store with European styled infrastructure along with awesome visuals is a delight to watch. The store also has many interaction tools to share the knowledge of science behind the clothing with a common consumer. Some of the unique features are a smartly designed textile lab, enabling consumer to have hands on experience on product performance like flexibility & stretch, toughness, sweat absorption, raw material testing & hand feel with various type of textile fiber bank, garments with more than 50 washed results, comparison of garments post-consumer usage, video displays, posters with information, well trained sales staffs for educating customers on various textile aspects, the store is giving a great experience of shopping to the consumer with knowledge gain

The latest addition to this, with an aim of reaching PAN INDIA consumers, promoters have launched a dedicated E-store in the domain name of www.bsmartestore.com on 7th June at Bangalore with a colorful event braced by many industry leaders. Again, similar to consumer experience store,BSmarT™ E-store also have various sections for knowledge sharing like nitty-gritty of textile industry starting from fiber to the garment making knowledge which consumer can browse in their free time and learn basic science behind the clothing. Website also features blog sections on BSmarT™ events & brand journey apart from the nicely navigated shopping experience.

Our interaction with the partners of Smartext Solutions Mr. Sasi Kumar &Mr.Balachandra Ranga Rao opened a beautiful intension behind the initiative. They proudly mentioned that since many years they are associated with a powerful consumer validated apparel ingredient brand – LYCRA®& they really wanted to create awareness at end consumeron various highly innovative, consumer beneficial, technologies from The LYCRA Company with the final garment form. So that, the general consumer can get a hands-on experience along with the benefits of the products.

Secondly, they are deeply intended to share their hard-earned knowledge of textile nitty-gritties with consumer & create a long-term value by enabling them to take a right buying decision.

Please do not miss to browse their E-store @ www.bsmartestore.com& visit their amazing consumer experience store whenever you are in Bangalore. Happy shopping…..😊

BSmarT Consumer Experience Store is located at 329B 12th Main A sector Yelahanka New town Bangalore 560064