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7 Tips On Writing Fashion Product Descriptions

Published: November 13, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Fashion is one of the most looked-up topics on the Internet. In fact, it makes up a huge part of online shopping, besides technology, movies, and so on. Simply type in “fashion” in the search bar, and you’ll most likely get about 11,060,000,000 results in Google search results.

However, in order to make it to the top of the search engine results, you’ll need to write great product descriptions for your fashion products. Yes, in order for more and more people to click on your product and buy it, it’s important to entice them at first sight. How? By following the 7 tips below!

  1. Step Into The Customer’s Shoes

(Metaphorically, not literally…)

“It’s important to understand your customers when writing descriptions for your fashion products,” says Darla Wise, a business writer at State of writing and Revieweal. “In other words, what do your customers like, and what do they not like? Remember that you’re out there pleasing your customer base, especially with fashion.”

  1. Talk About The Benefits

Rather than bore customers with the specifics, focus more on how the fashion product will benefit them. This is the draw, because you’ll giving them legitimates on why they should consider your product over your competitors. They can learn the specifics on their own terms.

  1. Use Adjectives And Catch Phrases

Certain words can grab people’s attention. This is especially effective in the fashion industry, because consumers always want to look their best no matter what they wear. So, why not use some adjectives and catch phrases in your product descriptions?

Here are some great adjectives to help you get started:

  • Alluring
  • Fantastic
  • Nostalgic
  • Radiant, etc.

As for catch phrases, be creative like the following:

  • “Dress for success!”
  • “Get your fashion fix!”
  • “Go for femme fatale!”
  • “Most wanted!”
  • “Perfect match!” etc.

By being creative with your wording, your copy won’t sound dull or unattractive. Instead, you’ll get more and more people curious and interested in your product.

  1. Be Trendy

Trends are always happening in the fashion industry. Therefore, make these trends known in your fashion product descriptions.

For example, whenever you’re releasing a new fashion collection from your brand, be sure to marry the product copy with some of today’s trends. You can even take inspiration from the season that you’re in (i.e. summer, winter, etc.). This shows how modern and “of-the-times” you are to consumers.

  1. Make Descriptions Scannable

Nowadays, people don’t have time to read a very long passage online. Instead, they want things short and sweet, so that they can decide quick on what action to take next.

Therefore, make your product descriptions scannable. In other words, ensure the following for your copy:

  • Write short and enticing product names.
  • List the benefits.
  • Use bullet points to point out technical specifications.
  • Keep your description concise.
  • Use easy-to-read font and size.
  1. Practice Consistency

“You’ll need to stay consistent with your product descriptions,” says Carol Leeward, a project manager at UK Services Reviews and Essay Roo. “This is especially important if you’re selling recurring fashion products in your brand. If one copy sounds different than the rest of your copies, then your descriptions won’t be consistent. So, be sure to make note of how long your descriptions are in length and word count, and the tone that they’re written in.”

  1. Keep In Mind The 4 C’s

Finally, let’s not forget the four C’s: clear, captivating, concise, and complete. Here are the four C’s in deeper perspective:

  • Is the product description clear? Can anyone understand what you’ve written? Or do you need to go back and change some of the wording and phrasing?
  • Are the words captivating enough? Do they entice your customers to buy your product?
  • Is your copy concise? Are there too many words in your description? Are there too few words? Does your copy help you convey emotion?
  • Does your copy look and sound complete? Does the description match up with the product image (if included)? Incompleteness can make your copy sound confusing.


As you can see, writing a good product description is essential, especially when you’re in the fashion industry. Since people are coming to you for fashion goodness, it’s important to write an enticing and effective copy that will encourage them to click “Proceed to checkout” when looking at your product.

We hope that this quick guide will help you unleash the fashionista part of your brand by writing great fashion product descriptions!

Christina Lee
writer and editor at Top Canadian writers and Essay writing service

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