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6 Ways How Fashion Can Help In Improving Mental Health

Published: October 30, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Dressing up in the morning before heading out is an activity we do regularly, some more consciously than others. Different occasions demand different dress codes. You can’t choose casual clothes for an evening dinner in a fancy-schmancy hotel. You’d undoubtedly stick out like a sore thumb.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, our outfits communicate on a non-verbal frequency to the rest of the world. And sending out mixed signals may be misinterpreted by anyone who sees you. Fashion is an expression of one’s identity, and to some extent, how we feel.

Looking fabulous can greatly impact your overall mental health. And if you want to take it a notch higher, consider looking into CBD as it can help boost your health- both physically and mentally. Here are some ways fashion can help improve mental health and awareness

1.    Clothes Can Influence Our Cognitive Abilities

Researchers from Northwestern University in the US, in 2012, discovered that specific attires and clothes affected the wearer’s performance and psychology. The researchers concluded that clothing has a symbolic meaning.

When we put in an article of clothing to signify a specific purpose, these clothes may influence our psychological state, and this phenomenon is called “enclothed cognition.”

For instance, a lab coat is often associated with scientific and intelligent thought. When a person wears one, the characteristics the coat symbolizes may positively affect their general performance while they do a task.

2.    Move Away From The Pressure, And Go With What You Like

This is arguably the most crucial way fashion can help you improve your mental health. Not following what the masses are doing will encourage you to look for clothing items that resonate with you and speak to who you are as a person.

While marketing their clothes, some clothing brands play the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) card through discounts. There’s nothing wrong with marketing and advertising through discounts and offers, but when that’s the only way they push their product, more and more people will get it, and when you don’t, you’ll easily feel let out even though it’s not your style.

Going with the masses slowly drowns your identity, and your confidence levels decline because you feel like standing out is wrong. There are plenty of fashion options out there and probably one or two that match your taste. So, like how you’d search for “where to buy CBD oil in Canada,” look for the fashion style that speaks to you.

3.    Take A Styling Inspiration From Your Icons

We all look up to others when it comes to fashion and styling inspiration. These people can either be influencers or celebrities. People often go for new clothes because they get bored with the current wardrobe options or simply want to switch them up.

But what if you could find a way to do the same stuff you have but in a completely different way? You probably have lots of clothes that can be thrown together and need some little inspiration. Following various people gives you some idea of finding new ways to wear old clothing, which can do wonders for your creativity.

4.    Focus On What You Have In Your Wardrobe, And Not What You Want

Focusing on the clothes you have rather than the ones you don’t can positively impact your mental health. Being content with your fashion choices can make you happier. You can start with taking stock of what you currently own, then reorganize your closet putting possible matches close to each other.

When you do this, you’ll discover new clothing combinations but also rediscover some of the pieces you’d forgotten about. Going for a clothing item you rarely wear or adding something different to your outfit can significantly shift your mood.

Your fashion choices will not only boost your mood and may also have a positive impact on your social life.

5.    Color Plays a Huge Role

The psychology of color has been recognized for a long time as an important psychological factor. Different colors evoke spontaneous emotional reactions in other people and can affect stress and mood. This, in turn, may influence one’s mental wellbeing.

For instance, historically, blue is associated with harmony, spirituality, positivity, peace, tranquility, and calm.

6.    Fabric Matters

Apart from color, the fabric also plays a vital role in elevating one’s mood. Fabric plays a significant role when it comes to your comfort levels. Clothes made from natural fibers such as linen and cotton are generally durable, breathable, and flexible. All these factors increase comfort.

If you’re going for denim clothing, a blend between cotton and lycra is the best bet. This unique blend gives you the same feel as traditional denim, but it’s less constrictive and stiff. Fine wool such as cashmere and merino offer longer wear, is more comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Clothes show how we want to be treated, what social group we belong to, or which ones we want to be accepted in. Fashion not only shapes our perception and self-expression, but it also influences how we are treated by our peers, which in turn can affect our mental wellbeing. Dressing as you like is a way of embodying the state of mind you want to reach and positively shaping other people’s perceptions of us. Accepting who you are and what you wear gives you peace of mind, similarly to wearing clothes you feel comfortable in.

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