As the European statistics agency EUROSTAT released the apparel import information of European Union for the year 2022, I am writing to share with you the latest data and a few analyses.

As per the most updated data, the European Union imported USD 22.89 Billion worth of apparel from Bangladesh in 2022, while their import from the world was US$ 103.09 billion. With 22.20% share of the EU’s total RMG import Bangladesh remains the 2nd largest apparel import source for the EU after China.  EU’s import from Bangladesh increased 35.69% in 2022 compared to 2021, while their global apparel import grew by 20.97%.

China, being the top apparel import source for EU and having a 29.24 % share, registered 17.01% Y-O-Y growth.  EU’s imports from China reached US$ 30.14 billion in 2022. Turkey is the third largest source of apparel import for EU which posted 10.09% growth during the same period. EU imported USD 11.98 billion worth of clothing from Turkey. EU’s import from India and Vietnam also reached USD 4.87 billion and USD 4.57 billion with 21.02% and 35.28 % years-over-year growth respectively.

EU’s import from the other top sourcing countries such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Indonesia grew by 35.39%, 27.99%, 6.73%, 14.87%, and 24.47% respectively during 2022.

This may also be noted that during the past 10 years (2012-2022), the value of EU’s apparel import from Bangladesh has grown by 9.15% on average annually, whereas their import from the world has shown 3.17% average annual growth. EU’s import from China grew by 0.03% annually during the mentioned period of time.

Among the top ten apparel supplying countries to EU, almost all the countries such as Turkey, Cambodia, Pakistan, Morocco, and Sri Lanka have shown positive annual growth as well. Only Indonesia has shown 0.13% negative annual growth.