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Customer Centric And Planet Conservation A Priority for Premier Fine

Published: February 6, 2023

It is 75 years of Independence and also for the innovation and dedication of Premier fine lines. The innovation and dedication serve as a testimonial to the values and the organization.

The Premier fine lines was established in 1946 as a manufacturer and exporter of cotton yarn. The premier group has already made advancement for their core values which are – sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The group is determined to apply for the production and designs along with the techniques and systems of commerce to be in sync with the current trends in the market. Appropriate changes to the products are accordingly made to help the operations and the production.  The policies are not compromised. The environment is uphold to the strength of the bonds and also ensures the maintainance of the transparent supply chain.

They also have a stellar product portfolio which compromises with the bed linen. The mode included dobby, sateen, jacquard,  percale as well as dyed yarn, fancy hems, embroidery and a wide variety of raw materials (the finest of raw materials), the finest of raw cotton which are chosen carefully from the United States, Egypt, and India. Their units have 7 spinning units, 400,000 spindles and also pair. They are aiming for a better growth in a long-term.

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