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Chemical Industry Is Worried Due To Turkiye Earthquake

Published: February 11, 2023

The earthquake has hit many parts of Turkiye and Syria. It killed many people as well. This has created an environment of tension in the chemical industry of Gujurat as the biggest dyes are produced here.

Manrash, Ankara, Izmair and Denizili are the major Turkish cities with textile industries. Many cities have suffered major devastations due to the earthquake. As the Turkish textile industry won’t recover soon, it will affect the textile industry to some extend.

Turkiye is the 6th largest textile producer and the 3rd largest supplier to thr European Union. The impact of the earthquake will not take much. But it will not much time to bounce back. Gujurat chemicals industry is witnessing a revival for the demand for the textile industry. This is the worst period due to the low demand from the textile industry. Most of the dye units are operating at 60% capacity. The industry has been watching the situation at Turkey closely as it is a massive buyer.

According to Bhupendra Patel, chairman of CHEMEXCIL , Gujarat, “Marash, Ankara, Izmir, Istanbul, and Denizil are textile hubs and major buyers of our dyes. By our estimates, demand for dyes from Turkiye will be 20% lower. Textike processors have suffered losses due to the earthquake, but we understand not all factories have had massive losses and they will soon restart production. We will get a clearer idea in a few days”

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