With the launch of MicroGuardTM, a line of anti-fungal additives for PVC, PU, and EVA applications, including foam, Microban International is happy to broaden its portfolio of antimicrobial solutions. High antifungal efficacy and continuous built-in protection are provided by MicroGuard technology, which delays microbial deterioration and increases the useful life of the product.

The leading manufacturer of antimicrobials in the world, Microban, is dedicated to bringing new technologies with less harmful toxicity profiles to market than currently existing agents. OBPA, a common anti-fungal additive based on arsenic, is raising regulatory concerns due to its capacity to taint water sources and destroy aquatic life. MicroGuard has been created as a non-leaching antifungal agent made up of active components free of metals.

President Michael Ruby”We are thrilled to launch MicroGuard, a metal-free technology designed to prevent fungal growth on PVC products, as well as on PU and EVA foams,” said a representative of Microban International. In terms of changes in the regulatory environment pertaining to built-in anti-fungals for these items, MicroGuard’s more advantageous toxicity profile is in front of the curve and provides manufacturers with a very effective built-in solution to boost product longevity.

MicroGuard has been created for usage in a wide variety of applications and may be effortlessly integrated into PVC, PU, and EVA goods at the point of manufacture. The method can be used to treat items made from PU and EVA foams, such as shoe soles, furniture cushions, and mattresses, as well as outdoor PVC materials including roofing membranes, tarps, awnings, and decking. Dr”MicroGuard has been meticulously designed utilising our vast in-house experience to fulfil the different needs of PU, EVA, and PVC manufacturers,” continued Souvik Nandi, Vice President of Technology and Innovations at Microban International. MicroGuard, which is accessible in pellet and liquid formulations, has received global registration to give manufacturers peace of mind when treating their polymer products.

Global brands and manufacturers have access to the technology as well as Microban’s assistance and knowledge.

The next generation of PVC antimicrobials is paving the way for a cleaner future, according to Mai Ha, Senior Product Development Engineer at Microban International, who will be speaking at the AMI’s sixth PVC Formulation from February 21–22, 2023, when Microban will be displaying MicroGuard. Microban will furtherexhibiting MicroGuard at booth 8725 in exhibit halls A through E of the International Roofing Expo (IRE) March 7-9, 2023.