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AUTEFA Solutions Will Showcase Technical Developments In Nonwoven Production

Published: February 18, 2023

AUTEFA Solutions will present its most recent technical advancements in the area of nonwoven production technology at INDEX in Geneva from April 18–21, 2023. Within the context of the “Evaluation for Thermal Systems,” the emphasis is not just on traditional mechanical engineering with its aspirations for higher-faster-further, but also on resource preservation and superior, individualised customer assistance. The foundation of the spunlace method, which AUTEFA has been actively developing for years, is water, the wellspring of all life. Modern technology is available in the company’s extensive product line for web formation, hydroentanglement, and eventually drying of the nonwovens produced and increased productivity and speed in the spunlace process…

AUTEFA Injection Card and Crosslapper CL 4006 SL’s world-renowned and extensively used web forming technology using technology has given AUTEFA customers a significant advantage in maintaining or enhancing their dominant positions, particularly in the fiercely competitive Spunlace industry. This is ensured by higher output due to improved line efficiency and faster speeds.

Web forming is made possible by AUTEFA Solutions’ injection card at very high production rates. The Injection Card treats fibres gently by combining mechanical and aerodynamic concepts. By doing so, the fibre is subjected to less mechanical stress, allowing for maximal capacity with less fibre damage. The Crosslapper Topliner CL4006 SL offers the best homogeneity at high laying speeds as a result, thanks to its WebMax web profile control and CLOSED LOOP technology.

Moreover, AUTEFA emphasises resource and energy conservation in the spunlace technique. Energy consumption in the spunlace process can be decreased by up to 30% using the special combination of the SQ-V Square Drum Dryer for drying and the V-Jet FUTURA for hydroentanglement. With the specially created V-Jet Injector’s shorter distance between the nozzle outlet and the web, our customers may also update their current production lines and help to conserve resources and energy by doing so.

AUTEFA has long been more than just a machine maker; we also offer nonwovens industry solutions. AUTEFA optimises production processes at the customer location using various process analyses. A group of specialists will offer qualified guidance on how to improve product quality, production capacity, and energy efficiency.

Use the the opportunity to converse with us at the Index 2023. At booth 1614, our experts are ready to work with you to create your unique solution for tomorrow’s improved production.

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